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why cant some people realise that to lose weight i i have to be in a calorie deficit??



  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Member Posts: 2,078 Member Member Posts: 2,078 Member
    There are situation where in-depth medical investigations can help a person regain good working internal order. Just because I had the misfortune not to fit into the didactic boxes our system demands does not mean that others will not have similar difficulties.

    Food intolerance testing can be very difficult to obtain access too over here. Food intolerances are a growing problematic area for genetic, familial and environmental reasons. Dietary internal disturbance is a primary way for many to hold on to weight because of the "inflammation", for want of a better term for the debris they create. Genetic issues, true rather rare, things like Prada Willy for one and though I look on Cushing's as endocrine in origin it too can be Genetic. Epigenetics is an area of fact which so far has not trickled down to the local medic as yet.

    Doctors are equally likely to fall for subjectivity as us ordinary mortals, telling everyone they should eat less and move more when there are food intolerances are likely involved, when a more interested conversation would have shown the base problems to be less than common.

    Take for instance the young doctor, who. He, told me the very angry blue boil standing 3/4 of an inch away from my red and swollen forehead, which was painful beyond my belief and closing my eyes, needed, NO treatment because, "You are only concerned about your looks". Totally distraught I went home, got out the sewing machine, to use my anger constructively making a skirt. In his eyes I was over reacting, my regular family doctor had retired. Only to rip the head off said boil, with the sewing machine arm which pulls the thread from the upper reel (at least on all the UK sewing machines I know and own.) A scream and Blood everywhere. Had he lanced it instead of being totally sexist! It could have been far less traumatic. His attitude framed my view of doctors. Or the other male doctor not so young, who knew all female pain was "normal" when on a while, it was actually a cancer after an interim one has ignored the results of a scan, saying, its ok! Though the person doing the scan said it needed more investigation. My point is, there are times to push for support, we can't all fit permitted boxes.

    If calorie counting does not work, when you weigh and measure properly, following the guidelines to the letter, then you need a more engaged, more interested and thoughtful Doctor to help, rather than having the, Eat less, Move more, mantra dinned into your head yet again. I've only ever sought help when I could not change things for myself. Ready to answer questions and ask questions, knowing my facts. Time constrains often mean you are being shown the door for being totally "inadequate" when its the system which is wanting. I've met one Doctor I respect in 70 years, he was not on a box ticking exercise. He knew I would not be allowed back to the regional centre, it was he who gave me the knowledge to find what worked for me.

    My experiences can't be that unrepresentative of at least some. I had the right to better health, so do the others. I have it, I want nothing less for the others too.

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    If she is losing weight by eating at a surplus then she is either exercising too much or not aware of how much she is eating. Both are not sustainable and she will be prone gain some weight back.
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    Prada Willy syndrome does not disprove CICO - it is a syndrome where people's hunger cures are out of whack
    ( amongst other traits such as intellectual disabilty) - and thus they eat way beyond what they need.

    If their access to food is restrained, they maintain weight in the same way everyone else does.
    My family took care of the developmentally disabled, including at times people with Prader-Willi. I think every Prader-Willi person in independent living had to have their refrigerator and pantries locked against use, and their food portioned for them by staff. Seems like there would be no point to it if the people could just gain weight without it being related to food intake. I always wonder how familiar with the condition are the people that use it as a some kind of metabolic disorder that defies nutrition science.

    If anything, the related disorder of Pica - eating nonfood objects - is closer to defying CICO. Sure, rocks have no calories, but sure, if you eat a pound of them, you're going to weight a pound more until you have a very unpleasant bathroom trip, stomach pump, or surgery. Or if eating dirt, the potential parasites could definitely make a difference between calories in your mouth and calories into your actual system.
  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Member Posts: 2,078 Member Member Posts: 2,078 Member
    When one has Hashimoto's, use mfp which for my height allows 1200 as lowest safe calorie limit it was impossible for me to loose weight. I needed to improve the many food intolerances and other symptoms which were causing additional damage to my health from the originally dismissed then inadequately, ineffectively treated Hashimoto's which had caused my body so much damage over the years. There are many different forms of autoimmunity with differing levels of autoimmunity within the community, mine was dire. The range of foods I could eat without increasing my symptoms was minimal.

    You may not like it but some of us do have difficulties because our bodies are so damaged for reasons other than self intended abuse. Eating Less and moving more does not always cut it. I knew there had to be more to my life than what was on offer with the practice I had been with for years.

    Having taken other advice with full testing I changed away from standard t4 which in this country (uk) contains dairy as one of the binders in pill form which is one of my diagnosed issues, in liquid form it contains paraben another of my issues. (paraben is a food preservative and is hardly ever on a food contents list). I lost and kept off 7 stone for many years. FYI. I did not need to count calories, the weight came off because my body was then working as it should.
  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Member Posts: 2,078 Member Member Posts: 2,078 Member
    Obviously there is a simplistic view of the depth and breadth of damage to someone's life that undiagnosed, untreated, then ineffectively treated Hashimoto's can cause a persons body. Every system in my body was affected, because the endocrine system is supposed to work in unison. When I go into town I see others with similar, probably dismissed difficulties. For me it actually took comprehensive endocrine system support for me to still be here, others are not so fortunate. I'd been told there was no treatment for me by my local NHS providers, they could not put me into any of their permitted boxes. At Regional NHS Immunology, higher up the NHS hierarchy, they told me what I needed, yet the local funding practice refused me that care!

    I've heard recently, VLCD supervised regimes are about to be offered or are under consideration for some diabetics over here. Under any measures they would use, I and others like me, did not, could not, would not have fulfilled their requirements to be considered let alone accepted. I was and still am not diabetic nor are others with similar issues. Nor are we freaks, nor snowflakes. As I wrote in my first post on this thread, "there are people in this world who need to repair damage to the bodies systems", viewed as a whole before they have a chance of regaining their "health", epitomised for the general public as the Holy Grail of Loosing Excess weight.

    Truthfully all I wanted was to be able to do was to live the active life I knew was possible. In the end, the weight did not matter, I'd accepted I was as I was the size I was. I wanted to be able to breath, to have stamina to have fun. Not to need to throw up on smelling someone's fowl laundry residue, perfume or aftershave, if not being convulsed into coughing bouts by the feted air in a concert or school halls for grandchildren's performances, I sometimes had those reactions even in the open air too. I wanted to play with the children be part of their lives. I wanted as others do, to LIVE.

    All most of the population understands is weight loss, weight loss, weight loss, NOT the need for a good quality of life. I'm speaking for the others who are as I was, who have more Life affirming goals of better health which are often withheld from them, (at least over here) for lack of proper medical support, people for whom losing weight is the last thing their systems are able to cope with given the present state of their endocrine system and/or implications of other autoimmune conditions, a body needs to work properly before it can behave normally.

    If you have a properly functioning body which conforms, be thankful.
  • lorimiller18lorimiller18 Member, Premium Posts: 26 Member Member, Premium Posts: 26 Member
    If eating less and moving more was that simple and worked, no one training for a marathon would be overweight, and ive seen plenty of overweight runners. I was one, living on calorie deficit, running, working out, doing ultrathons. Its not sustainable. You'll lose weight in the beginning, but you'll gain it back unless you luve your life in a calorie deficit. Many people actually under eat. CICO works, but yiu need to have a healthy metabolism and no underlying health issues for it to work properly. I've undereaten for the last couple years and have consistently gained weight. Now I'm with a trainer that has me on a reverse diet, adding in 500 calories a day.
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