New here, for the 3rd time in 8 years lol

Starting again, but this time I've invested money, quite a bit on a PT to help me on my journey! I'm 45, and not getting any younger. It's never too late to get fit and healthy. I've slowly gained over the last 8-10 years, and was delusional about it. I refused to weigh myself because I told myself the scale doesn't tell the entire truth- which is very true! BUT, when you've gained over 30 lbs, weighing myself for the first time in a decade, was a harsh reality check!


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    3rd attempt as well. Fingers crossed.
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    Yeah. Same
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    Using this guide to calculate my caloric intake because my paid Noom app is not accurate. I need accuracy.
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    Me starting here over again. Me too investing a bit to keep up the motivation, get tips, share experience and see how it goes... Corona took it's tol on my first attempt so now let's see if we can not only keep Corona in check but loos those additional kilos again. Rinning shoes are waiting inpatienly. Aim is to entirely change life-style or....maybe better... get rid of bad habits ;)
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    All the best!
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    Your post made me laugh, it’s the same over here, new for the 3rd time 😂 I hope it’s going well for you so far!
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    Hi there! I here for the 2nd time around. I'm 61 years old, married, and my husband and I both need to lose weight. Trying to mainly zero in on carbs. So that means reining in on the sugar! That's one of my biggest problems. My past is losing and gaining and losing and gaining and I know I need to get a handle on this. I have a disability, so exercise with walking is pretty much out the window, but I can use my recumbent bike. I need to get on it consistently!
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    Same here. Well 2nd time using myfitnesspal. First time was in 2012 and I was 21 yo. I had gained a lot of weight in college around my second year. Tracking calories helped me watch what I consume and when I consume, now I am back because I lost my good habits over the years.
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    kmorales_4 wrote: »
    3rd attempt as well. Fingers crossed.

    You got this!
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    I'm new for like the 3rd or 4th time too! Haha. We've got this.
  • lorimiller18
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    Nyx_89 wrote: »
    I'm new for like the 3rd or 4th time too! Haha. We've got this.

    We do!!!
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    Let’s do this!!!
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    Y'all can do it!! Get your mind set and don't let anyone/anything deter you! Believe in yourself, Set a Long Term Goal, Set your first Short Term Goal and then Push for it!! Never Look Back!
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    Thank you! I have alot of healing to do metabolically! I have 30-35 lbs to lose, which isn't a huge amount. But its more than just the wright, its energy levels, nutrition etc. That's what I want to change the most for the better!
  • I’ve been tracking on and off since 2014 back to heaviest weight AGAIN I’m trying the premium plan free for a month first to see if that helps ? I’m now pre diabetic on first step so really need to get to grips with losing weight and keeping it off
  • 4th time here, been here about 3 weeks... 3 pounds lost. My ultimate is 100 pounds of weight loss from this point.
    Lost 30 pounds last time around so I know I can do this, I never let myself get above 235 so that's an accomplishment. I'm 225 right now.
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    This is my 3rd time as well (or 4th) I did lose a lot of weight back then and gained it back on. I agree with lorimiller18 that we aren't getting any younger so its time to make a change. This time I make a game of it. I plan my meals for the next day in advance. I try and stick to it. I also use a low impact cardio website Body Project for exercise. (I hope I was allowed to put that in there). It has helped me get up and move. I wish everyone the best and would certainly welcome to be friends to help as a support to keep on track.
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    3rd or 4th for me too!! Welcome back.
    You can do it!!!
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    Attempt #3 here as well. Been going to the gym for a couple of months now to try and get into reasonable shape to keep up with my son. Really happy for everyone! We are all proof that it's never too late!