Quitting Birth Control Pill - Any tips?

Hi there,

I started taking birth control pills 4 months ago, I was at 188lbs and now I am at 205lbs. I have tried fasting, cleansing, cutting carbs, removing dairy and red meats and nothing has worked to continue losing weight. I had previously lost 111lbs before starting birth control pills. I decided to quit taking the pill because I constantly feel sluggish, bloated and constipated.

Has anyone else experienced weight gain while on birth control pills?

Any tips for weight loss after getting off birth control pills?

Thank you so much!


  • Jacq_qui
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    Yep they weren't for me. I think they made me even crazier too. Lots of other options though :)
  • hipari
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    Following to see if there are any suggestions or experiences!

    I was on the pill for 11 years before quitting a month ago. I found the pill very suitable for me, and didn't realize until earlier this year it might have been a factor in my weight gain (at the time I started taking it I also moved to another country and stopped growing as I was 17 years old).
  • kperk91
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    Maybe I'm an anomaly.
    I have been on the same birth control pill for 11+ years with no plan to ever be off of it. Luckily, I have not had any bad side effects (i.e. weight gain, moods, etc.), just some months where I would not have a period.

    My weight gain was from just not being mindful of how much I was eating and not doing anything exercise wise. Just lazy and eating all the things. I gained 22 lbs in the first 4 years of my relationship with my fiancé. Once he proposed, and being the heaviest I ever was, I knew I needed to change.

    In the last 10 months, I lost 30 lbs by eating in a calorie deficit and working out.
    I eat at about 300 calories below my TDEE and began strength training 4 days a week (2 upper days, 2 lower days). I just recently, in the last two months, began cardio. I try to run 3 or 4 days a week (ranging from 1.5 miles to 3 miles).

    For me, using a food scale to weigh every bit of food I put in my mouth and counting all the calories I consumed is what made the difference for me. If I eat out - I try and search for the food or at least an equivalent. I don't cut out any foods.

    I hope my experience helps! :)
  • Courtscan2
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    I've had a copper IUD for nearly 9 years, and I LOVE it. It's non-hormonal, so doesn't affect me in any way other than baby prevention. As for weight loss, determine how many calories you should be eating to lose at an appropriate rate, weigh and log everything you eat, and eat that much.
  • ahoy_m8
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    I bounced on & off oral contraceptives for years. It always took me almost a whole month to feel myself when restarting. Nothing major, just kind of depressed and low energy. But never more than a month. If you feel bad after 4 months, take that up with your prescribing Dr.

    I gained weight on BC and lost weight on BC. The BC wasn't a weight factor for me.
  • dragon_girl26
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    i've been on BC for about...five years now? During that time I've gained and lost weight. Each time I've gained, it was because I ate too many calories and didn't burn enough. You didn't mention if you have tried setting a calorie goal and weighing and logging your food...if you haven't done that, its usually a pretty accurate way to gauge your intake. Cutting out meats/dairy/clean eating/eating "healither", etc...doesn't do anything for weght loss in and of itself. You can still cut out these things and be eating too many calories to lose weight...just FYI.

    However, BC can be an appetite stimulant, certainly. Maybe try talking to your doctor about other BC options?