Is your family annoying about weightloss



  • breefoshee
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    I'm very fortunate to not have any family members who are ever mean, rude, or intrusive about anything related to weight loss, but they definitely have fallen into some misinformation traps. Husband and I are in this together this time, both of us looking to lose about 40 lbs. I'm eating 1300-1500 cals a day, he's eating what I'm eating plus a protein bar and an extra snack because a 6'0" male needs more food than a 5'5" female.

    Him: I'm eating too much. My metabolism is too slow. LOOK I'M GAINING WEIGHT.
    Me: You lost 18 lbs of sweat in one football practice in high school. You don't have water weight fluctuations, you have full-on tides. It's been 2 weeks. You don't know what your weight is doing.
    Him: Ok I lost five pounds today but I'm not gonna buy protein bars this week.
    Me: Do you like having muscle? Shut up and eat the dang protein bar.

    And then there's my mom.
    Her: I'm doing keto!
    Also her: *starts eating a Subway sandwich with 36 carbs in bread alone*
    Me: *visible confusion*

    Laughing because your husband and mom are my boyfriend rolled into one! He is always talking about how his metabolism slowed within the last 2 years. Meanwhile, I've never seen someone put away so much food in one sitting. But he's always talking about how much he used to be able to eat, and I think... how could it possibly be more than now?

    He suggested we do keto a couple weeks ago... not realizing that everything he loves has carbs. Now, I am doing keto and he is eating all the carbs.
  • sam00xx
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    My family have the idea that losing weight is pretty much straight forward and fat shaming is a big thing from a lot of my family members. I mostly get this from the older family members.
  • gewel321
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    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. My family is supportive. My husband doesn’t know what to do about counting calories but he tries real hard. He saves all the packages so I can scan them and weighs what he can. The rest of my family don’t pry. They know what I’m doing and support me in my journey. If I want a piece of cake they let me have it. If I decline then that’s fine too!
  • Carp614
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    My family is very cool about what I'm doing. Mostly it's an exercise in patience for them. I'm all excited want to share every little thing that changes. BP is down, I see a vein, new PB run, whatever it is i'm like this all day. My poor wife is so tired of hearing about it, but everyone still smiles and says good job! They are bearing with me. I'm the annoying one.
  • paperpudding
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    I guess it's my fault, because whenever I try to lose weight, I have trouble keeping it to myself because I get excited.

    This is the key to your problem.

    Dont mention it, get excited to yourself (or on here!) - but as soon as you dont keep it to yourself, other people won't keep their opinions to themself either.
  • sakurablossoms82
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    My family is actually supporting me. At first they where annoyed that I had to scan things and said no to things. And my mom has been worried about me eating to little. But now she sees results. And when at times I do eat something which contains lots of calories like a cinnamon roll my dad jokes if I can really eat that.