Add me!

Hi everyone!

I am a new mother and I gained a lot of weight from having pre-eclampsia and being on bed rest. I was then in a car accident in May which made it so I wasn't able to go on my 5 mile walks. I put on a lot of weight and now I'm working to lose it.

If you're looking for a supportive friend, go ahead and hit that add button! I just ask that you are not judgemental of my size/eating habits. I have had a lot of issues with judgement from others and my self confidence.

Hope to see you!
-Jen Maggio :)


  • murphey1024
    murphey1024 Posts: 7 Member
    Welcome to MFP! I just sent you a friend request! I always need friends to keep me accountable and stay on track!
  • veggiepat
    veggiepat Posts: 127 Member
    I love to support and motivate! We can do this! So sorry about your car accident. I am with you girl!