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The internet needs newer Isagenix content

sara_beth07sara_beth07 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Silly me. I ordered the Isagenix Basic Pack before I did my research. THEN I looked into it and so much of what I found was older stuff. All newer threads and comments were...weird. Feel free to share your honest experiences under this thread with no judgment from me. Everyone is different.

My “experience” lasted four days before I threw everything in the trash and here is why:

I get that a calorie deficit is uncomfortable, but I was in pain. My stomach felt like it was being stabbed. Worse than monthly cramps. I had bad headaches no matter how much water I drank. My calories were maxed out at 1500. So what gives?

Google everything you can about Isagenix and you’ll see there’s no scientific basis to what is sold. Just $400 a month for you to ingest preservatives and, probably, not enough calories. All the positive reviews are from so-called “Isa-hun’s” and the people that it seems to work best for are those that are really, really overweight. Makes sense, as the body can make up the caloric difference with its own fat.

I need to lose about ten lbs for my profession. I work out consistently. 1500 calories hurt me physically. I got clammy when I tried to work out and couldn’t push myself the way I am used to because I had no fuel.

Y’all....that was only after three days. The first two I was able to survive work and that was it. No gym for me those days. Then today, Day 4, I got the worst headache and stomach pains yet, almost with cold sweats off and on.

My symptoms are chalked up to my body releasing toxins but our bodies release toxins anyway and I already eat clean. The weight I need to lose is because I stopped tracking my food.

If it works for you, great, but the negative reviews seem to be buried under buzzwords that seem like you’re getting real testimonials but there’s a sales pitch for it in almost every article and that’s a red flag for me. If the system was that awesome and so great for everyone, they would have monopolized the weight loss industry.

Oh, and they’re MLM.

I’m too tired to get into specifics and a well-thought out argument. Bottom line: there is no substitute for whole foods, water, sleep, and hard work.


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  • ythannahythannah Member Posts: 3,399 Member Member Posts: 3,399 Member
    I'm going to agree that there is a scarcity of information about Isagenix, based on my experience with it.

    A tub of it showed up on my doorstep, addressed to someone completely unknown (Barbara) at my house. It wasn't the former owner, or one of my neighbours. My first thought was to get the delivery company to retrieve it and return to sender but that didn't pan out. Second plan was to contact the company and get them to accept a return, and also find out how Barbara's name got attached to my address. That proved equally difficult. The package had been shipped from a Canadian distributor (I think Cambridge ON) but I couldn't find any Canadian contact information. I ended up emailing some sort of head office in California to advise that I'd ended up with this stuff in error. I even tried to hunt down Barbara, without success.

    They replied and totally fluffed over the wrong address part, told me to dispose of it or keep it for myself and they'd fix the problem at their end. At the very least I figured Barbara eventually would get the address corrected since she wasn't getting her product.

    So I opened the package and took a look at the stuff. Since I was starting to use protein supplements at the time I thought I might actually use it if it had decent protein and tasted okay. No nutrition label. Back to the internet I went to try and figure out what sort of protein content the stuff had. I remember getting incredibly frustrated with the lack of information out there. Eventually I decided it wasn't a good enough source for protein to bother with although I can't recall the numbers now.

    I had a coworker who had lost weight on Isagenix in the past (and regained) so I asked her if she wanted it. She was intending to go on it again and jumped at the chance to save money. She never did tell me how much she had paid for it in the past.

    The stuff continued to show up at my house, roughly every 6 to 8 weeks, for another TWO YEARS. And every time I'd haul it in to work and give it to my coworker. I figured I'd done my best to fix the error at my end and it wasn't my responsibility to put any more effort into stopping the deliveries. I kept thinking that the markup on the product must have been horrific if they would happily lose so much of it.
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