Geeky guy hoping to find other fitness geeks to chat with

Hey guys, so im hoping ill find friends on here to share anime and game based motivation with, talk about workouts and music to get pumped to, and just have fun chats with. Anyone down? Im also not sure if I can mix fitness and Dungeons and Dragons, but if you have an idea im up for it.


  • its_cleo
    its_cleo Posts: 544 Member
    You should check out a site called Nerd Fitness. They have a forum and that's exactly what they do.
  • its_cleo
    its_cleo Posts: 544 Member
    You have to google nerd fitness forum. Their main site is hawking a lot of stuff but the forum used to be very good, knowledgable people. And mixed in with like gaming type stuff.
  • cfgreear
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    Awesome ill check that out, thanks
  • jennicm1980
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    You might want to check out Darebee as well. They have a lot of fun need-centric workouts available (like A LOT) and even a couple of workout programs that are like an RPG/choose your own adventure type thing. The community there is also very welcoming and super supportive.
  • I was going to recommend Fitocracy, but I guess that's been dead for a while now. I'd second the recommendation for Nerd Fitness.

    That being said, I'm pretty nerdy - do a lot of video and board gaming, read comics, into sci-fi/fantasy, all that good stuff- if you're looking to add geeky friends to your FL list here.