Looking for accountability and motivational buddies

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So my story is like most people here:

* Lockdown happened, gyms closed
* Started to drink and snack too much
* My motivation began to drop and watched my weight slowly creep higher and higher

Time for a change. Looking for some like minded people to help me get off the COVID weight and back on track.

Age, gender and fitness level is irrelevant, but ideally I would like a mix of people who will motivate me to get more fit and then kick my butt if I make stupid excuses.

M44, SW 259, CW 256, PCW 238, Goal 220

Currently doing 5x5 StrongLifts 3x per week, cardio 3x per week and IF 20:4. 6 days in and 4 lbs down (gotta love the first week!)

Let’s kick Covid weight right in the ****!


  • rebeccahetrick
    rebeccahetrick Posts: 15 Member
    Yeah! You can add me.
  • CaendyLuL
    CaendyLuL Posts: 3 Member
    Hell yeah you can add me as well.
  • cfgreear
    cfgreear Posts: 185 Member
    You can add me too. Gained some of the weight I had lost. Been trying to drop it back down, I still avoid looking in mirrors and am looking for friends to keep into this journey.
  • gearheadgreg
    gearheadgreg Posts: 9 Member
    same here. staring over and could use the help
  • calichick1978
    calichick1978 Posts: 29 Member
    YES! I'm on my second 50 pounds (*already lost the first 50 during lockdown)
    Add me! I'm down for all the motivation I can get.
    I'm currently recovering from damn gallbladder surgery (apparently you loose 50 pounds and the gallbladder cant handle the extreme fat deposits) so I'm being extra careful with food (carb cycling right now) and moderate walking and some easy strength with bands because doc said no lifting for another few weeks.