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Hello folks, gotta lose weight, I've been incredibly anxious and eating more of course, but I'm bout to freak out because of getting all this weight. Can't accept myself and be happy as I am, but also haven't found the strength to change it yet. Anyways, just wanted to let this out

Well, hahahaha, I guess I've omitted some info as this is meant to be an introduction post, so, female, 33 yo, about 5'4 ft, 176 pounds and in need of losing at least 33.
Good luck to us all


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    You can start with small steps - eat less sweets, cake, empty cals etc - eat more veggies - go for a walk
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    Thanks for the support, guess that's a good way to go, start small, slow but hopefully steady. <3
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    Baby steps - Get some veggies and have some with your supper - a big bag of frozen veggies is convenient. You can keep a bag of apples in the refrig for a snack . Limit soda and fruit juice. Eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking the juice. Go for a walk
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    Good luck