Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • seepersaud
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    i just sent you a request, anyone can add me
  • DeeC01
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    Last time starting. 2nd and final baby 10 weeks old and time to get back to the weight I should be. I would love some active friends who will let me sneak a look at their diary for inspiration 😊😊
  • stanleyhopes
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    Feel free to add me :)
  • dewit
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    I already postet here, but ☝️

    Married with children 😀

    Desk job, bad at snacking. I try to compensate by working out (it's not a punishment, I like being active, I just need to say "now" and leave all things on my "todo" list aside and do it!)

    I like to see updates on my feed about my friends' fitness activities and dont show my diary. I oscillate between 130-140 lbs, so average boring type 😁.

    If this resonates with you, send me an invite 😁
  • TonnnnUK
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    UK member here, feel free to add!
    Need to get motivation back and hit some goals over the remainder of the year!
  • heathergrayson87
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    My name is Heather i'm up for making friends.
    Ive being at gym for a few months and would love to meet and have friends who are similar minded.
    I start studying my fitness certificates next month so I'm excited.
    I'm all about motivation it's a huge part of success ☺️
  • FossilFusion
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    Sure add me :)
  • Wanderwoman2021
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    Had an emergency surgery and need to lose weight ASAP and work on my core for more surgery... who’s with me?
  • geekgettingfitter
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    edited October 2020
    Hi All!

    I have been a member of MFP since long but have recently started my weight loss journey, in the last 3 months have lost 6 kgs and am tracking my progress. You can add me as a friend.

    Let’s achieve it together and keep each other accountable.

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  • RoRo1388
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    I’ve lost about 30lbs looking to lose 40 more. Would love some friends for motivation and support along our journeys!!
  • having met plenty of inspiring people already it would be great to add some more
  • sophipattersonx
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    I’ve lost 65lbs but need to lose another 75-85, feel free to add me! ☺️
  • uKnowiLuvUstill
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    Hi everyone!!!! Hoping to meet some great people to go on this journey with ❤
  • donorgoal2014
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    Hi y'all. I'm active on here daily. I am WFPB and have to exercise daily. I would like to have some accountability besides my own conscience. Thanks
  • JoZing
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    Me me me me me!!!!!
  • outbackmariner
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    Need some more folks in my timeline to cheer on!
  • Parkerjonez
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    Add me I’m always looking for more friends/motivation buddies
  • ashessss___
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    Hi there ! My name is Ashley Villa and i was 200lbs in September 2020. I’ve decided enough was enough and I’m on a journey to losing that weight and becoming 120ish lol I used to weigh that in high school, and my scale WILL show that again. I WILL fit into size medium shirts and size 6 jeans/pants again. Today is October 5th, 2020 and I am down 6.2lbs weighing in at 193.8lbs ! I have been logging into MFP for 30+ days now and I’m feeling a difference. I cannot tell you how proud I am of myself ! So add me to see my journey or tell me your reason for being here !
  • plainpixxel
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    I’m open to new friends too!!
  • BobaFettSlave1
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    Feel free to add!