Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Fitandabbs2020
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    Add me if you want :)
  • shelld79
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    New too and no friends as of yet but have determination to do this! Looking forward to being more motivated!
  • JDMac82
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    Day 2410 streak logging and posting workouts for ideas.

    Add me if you'd like.
  • Free_Spirit2020
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    First day back.....I’ve been here before but it’s been a very long time. I just signed up again today. I logged but it isn’t pretty.... yet. Just gotta start the habit again and be mindful. I currently have 1 friend. I’d like to have more. 30 pounds to lose.
  • JesseRamirezIII
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    Hello MFPeeps! I've lost 50 pounds, and am on my last 20ish to lose towards my goal. I think these will be the hardest ones to tackle. I am interested in being MFP friends. I am very active on here. The people I've added/have added me so far are the best, and I'd like to add many more to make it an even better and encouraging experience. Cheers!

  • MethusHoneysuckle
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    I'm always up for a companion on this fitness journey. Send me a request, and let's be pals!
  • stanleyhopes
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    feel free to add me! always looking for new friends 😀😁😃
  • brokenbill2017
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    i'm new to MFP and i would love some friends :) feel free to add me :)
  • dulcedenisse
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    Always looks for more friends!!
  • leanme85
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    I would like some friends
  • Veronica676
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    Am back on MFP after a couple of years break. Never got in to the community before but would like to do so this time round. Please feel free to add me.
  • lyndseylee143
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    Add me if you want! Always looking for some new friends!
  • robertscott652
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    Add me looking for friends to share activities and chat
  • jacobconforzi
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    Hey guys, my name is jake was thinking of starting a KETO diet!! I found a couple recipes provided by a site I found and I would love to share because it gives you some helpful tips as well, check it out so far the recipes have been really good and i'm definitely thinking of seeing what the full package this company has to offer. BUT let me know if anyone has experience with this particular program! Thanks guys let me know if anyone here was thinking something like this i would love to hear what you guys think ( i will add the link below)
  • Deemareevt
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    I always can use motivational friends. I'm a serial starter/stopper so having the extra support might make me stick around more than a day or two. :D
  • bmc1027
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    Looking to lose a lot. I don't post a ton but I try and I'm always up to chat. I'm 302 looking to get to 220. Feel free to add. I've gotten down to 239 and regained the weight so anyone with up and down problems let's talk
  • monsterfrogaki
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    Hello! <3 Add me to share motivation!!
  • Carp614
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    Go for it. I post nearly everyday and love having fitness friends to share with.
  • balake4242
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    Please add! Looking for more motivating friends on here!
  • leanme85
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    I'm still looking for my new BFF's