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As most of you know, I had emergency back surgery 2 weeks ago. I have a tough recovery ahead of me, looks like 12-16 weeks of recovery for the bones to fuse, then extensive PT and strengthening. These past 2 weeks my diet has been off to say the least. I am hoping to get back on the diet tomorrow. I am pleased to say during these 2 weeks i have only gained 5 pounds which i don't find bad at all. HOnestly, i was expecting more. I still don't have my complete appetite and my water consumption is down. I am trying its just so damn hard. The nausea from the pain pills does not help. I try to walk a little each day, but the fatigue and pain take over.
Not looking for pity, just support. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks


  • L1zardQueen
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    Get better soon. Take advice from your doctors. Set your calorie allotment to maintenance because you will need the extra calories for healing.

    The five pounds gained is water weight, don’t be discouraged. You are doing great!
  • springlering62
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    Speaking from personal experience, this first opportunity to heal is the best one. Follow your doc’s advice and don’t think you’re smarter than they are. Being “forced” (if stupidity counts as forcing) to do it as a do-over heal really, really sucks.

    Best wishes for a fast and pain free recovery. Mind those pain pills!
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    Our bodies do need plenty of calories to heal so don't worry too much about eating at a deficit while you heal. Here's info from a medical source:
  • lgfrie
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    Gotta chirp in here to support what @springlering62 said. I've been through a hardcore cervical spine surgery, in 2016. Got a few titanium plates in my neck as souvenirs. As @springlering62 said, the first opportunity to heal is the best one you'll get. Do exactly what your doctor says, including with diet, water, etc. Weight gain/loss is strictly a secondary issue to healing properly. You can always diet later but you only get one chance to heal right the first time. I was very diligent about following directions to a t and had an easier time of it than some people I heard about who weren't as serious about following directions, especially after the first few weeks, when the pain mostly subsides and then especially when the PT starts, which is annoying and unpleasant. It's easy to go off track - stick with it, do what your medical team says, every step of the way, to the very end.

    Be patient with yourself. Don't push yourself any harder or faster than the dr says to.

    And mind those pain pills! Reduce and then stop them when you are able to. Nothing good comes from leaning too hard on pain pills. In retrospect, I coulda done with 2 weeks of them instead of 3 months, but they're easy to just keep taking because they feel good.
  • AnnPT77
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    Another vote for two points:

    Weight gain after surgery is mostly water retention. That's normal, don't let it worry you. it may hang around for a while.

    Eat at maintenance calories, or very near. Don't try to lose weight and heal at the same time. You need calories (and nutrition) to heal. Put the calorie deficit on hold for *at least* a month, with surgery that major, and longer would probably be better. Please?

    Wishing you as speedy as possible recovery!