Brand new -lookimg for Friends

Hi I'm Jade, brand new to my fitness pal. I used to follow slimming world,however started to aid unhealthy relationships with certain foods.
I have alot of weight to loose so looking for as many friends as possible.


  • mjparker625
    mjparker625 Posts: 7 Member
    I’m new to the community forum. Sent a friend request
  • CurvyCalorie
    CurvyCalorie Posts: 266 Member
    I’m new too! Send a friend request. The more support the better!! 😀
  • taranicoleeeee
    taranicoleeeee Posts: 19 Member
    Im not exactly new to MyFitnessPal. I’ve had it for years. But this is the first time I’m actually serious with losing weight. I have about 50 pounds I want to lose. You can add me if you want. Always looking for friends for motivation.
  • BoxingDayBoy
    BoxingDayBoy Posts: 21 Member
    I've recently returned...welcome!
    Sent you an invite