Best calorie burning exercise for a middle age woman with dodgy knees?



  • lesdarts180
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    Try Lucy Wyndham-Read at She has hundreds of routines - including chair -based, beginners, walking routines etc. Many are less than 10 minutes - ideal to help you build fitness. She had more followers than Joe Wicks a few weeks ago!
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    My knee pain lessened considerably when I started using orthotics. The problem wasn't my knees ... it was over-pronation. With orthotics, I began walking again, gradually building up distance. At this point, if my knees or hips begin to hurt, the first thing I look at is whether my orthotics or the damn shoes need to be replaced.
  • eijaj
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    I know you wanted to exercise at home, but just wanted to mention this. Here in Finland all swimming halls reserve a lane or two for aqua joggers. It is getting very popular. No pressure on the knees, and very easy to get an effective work out. My favorite exercise!

    They also arrange aqua aerobics classes many times a day and it is included in the 4-5 euro entrance fee. And between the guided lessons there are interactive screens you can use to get instructions for different aerobics moves. Even many elderly people attend, as all moves can be made gently with support from the water. But don´t be fooled, the same moves can be done with huge resistance from the water and you can get a good work out even if your witness level is higher. I find those fun, effective and cheap. Now if only those swimming halls were open... :'(

    You can do both of these at any pool without any equipment, even though a belt or foot gear help the jogging.
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    I am lucky enough to live in Florida (have access to an outdoor heated community pool) so I have been using an app called “PoolFit”, which I now subscribe to since I love all of the water aerobic exercises/videos. Such a variety and new routines are often added. I bring my iPad to the pool in a waterproof case, and it is taking the place of water classes at the gym that are still not happening. These workouts are a total body workout, and easily adaptable to every fitness level (I have had both knees replaced). You can try it free for 30 Days.
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    Just want to chime in to say I agree with all the folks encouraging you to get a proper and accurate diagnosis.

    I thought I had a knee problem. Turns out I have a hip problem that causes knee pain. When I do my hip exercises regularly, the knee pain goes away. Don't get me wrong, I also need to work on strengthening all areas of my legs/hips/knees, but starting with the proximate cause creates the best path to success.

    Good luck!