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Best calorie burning exercise for a middle age woman with dodgy knees?



  • lesdarts180lesdarts180 Member Posts: 467 Member Member Posts: 467 Member
    Try Lucy Wyndham-Read at She has hundreds of routines - including chair -based, beginners, walking routines etc. Many are less than 10 minutes - ideal to help you build fitness. She had more followers than Joe Wicks a few weeks ago!
  • MaxxittMaxxitt Member Posts: 1,263 Member Member Posts: 1,263 Member
    My knee pain lessened considerably when I started using orthotics. The problem wasn't my knees ... it was over-pronation. With orthotics, I began walking again, gradually building up distance. At this point, if my knees or hips begin to hurt, the first thing I look at is whether my orthotics or the damn shoes need to be replaced.
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