Why is it so hard to lose weight ?

I would like some tips on how to stay committed. Its so easy to cheat on diet even when Im not hungry. Just out of boredom and satisfaction. Any tips to stop doing this will be very appreciated


  • AndreaTamira
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    Some things that may work.

    Do something else that occupies your hands while you are watching tv. Ironing, folding washing, knitting, making origami figures... just something where your hands already are occupied instead of being able to just shovel down food.

    Find things to do that simply aren't boring to you, so eating out of boredom does not make sense. Keep yourself occupied.

    Just get rid of all the snacks in your home or replace them with low calorie snacks. You cannot go for a snack if it isn't there.

    Decide in advance what and when you want to snack. Plan in the indulgence. It is easier abstaining from lots if "bad stuff" if you know in x hours you can have this one "bad" thing.
  • joone_9
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    Other than doing the usual of keeping busy as possible, Try writing out your goal (or mini goal) and posting it several places that are in eye shot of where you typically snack..even on door where you keep snacks etc. Having it right there in your face may help keep it top of mind and dissuade you from eating. Also drinking tea instead of snacking can help (my fav right nor is sweet orange tea as it’s a bit of sweetness to tide me over). Also....read things here on MFP seems to do the trick.
  • sal10851
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    The reason diets fail is because we get hungry. Hunger will eventually set in and knowing what to eat is crucial. Low calorie dense foods is going to be your best friends. Lots of fruit and vegetable, lean meats, and finding healthier options to snack on. If you feel like you need to "cheat" on a diet you will get bored and eventually over eat. Add me if you wish. I finally found a sustainable diet that includes all food groups but it's all low calorie dense foods that will fill you up, taste great, and will allow you to lose weight due to its low calorie content. Anyone feel free to add me and review my diary to see what has been working for me. I've lost 68 pounds. Good luck.
  • bootilicious
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    Do meal preparations. Plan out your meals on MFP and eat every 3 to 4 hours. Make exercise a regular part of your life. Dieting is for the body, but exercise is for the mind. Best wishes.
  • EmilyEnough
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    👋 Looking for motivated friends.. I'm in the same boat. bored and hungry snacker.
  • nanastaci2020
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    Finding new habits is essential. Come up with new things to do when bored. Have reminders around the house of why you want to lose weight. Some people will put a picture to represent their goal self OR a picture of themself at their heaviest/worst on the fridge or pantry doors. The ultimate goal is to figure out what works for you.

    Keep in mind: being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. But losing weight makes life easier.

    I personally am a bit OCD about logging and being accurate. For that reason, it is easy enough for me to avoid 'mindless eating' as I call it. Eating when I'm focused on something else, not really aware of what I'm eating. That is just a waste IMO. I don't do well with hunger though. So I plan out meals/snacks/water to get me thru the day without being hungry. Over time, you'll figure out food & snack combinations that work well for you. I portion, weigh those things out. I typically will NOT eat from a food container directly, unless I know the amount that is contained and will be the only one eating it. For example if I have a 100g bag of something and I'm going to have 1/3 of it each day today/tomorrow/Thur as a snack: its not a big deal if one day I eat 28g, then 35g, then 37g. If I log each day as 1/3 of it, it balances out in the end.