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Hi this is hard for me because im a very private person but i feel like someone may have good information for me on here. Basically I just started my diet and exercise routines 5 days ago and have been hitting my goals and exercising for 65 to 75 minutes everyday. My concern is I got curious and weighed myself today and I am the exact same weight from where I started. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any feedback and goodluck everyone.


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    my weight seems harder to lose when I don't drink enough water. It makes 0 sense to me. But if I dont drink at least 8, 8oz cups of water the pounds will not go
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    Quick Update-

    Thank guys I ended up losing 3.5 lbs in 10 days and now im at day 14 of 365 and working out everyday and staying under my calorie goals. I appreciate the advice, good luck to everyone.
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    Don’t forget to rest! Good job on your commitment.
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    Thanks guys im down 5lbs in 2.5 weeks so far
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    a HUGE help will be if you also take your measurements.
    neck, chest/bust, right arm. . belly button, hips at widest, right thigh and right calf. Be sure to do the same place on limbs each time (usually the largest point diameter)

    You can check measurements every 3 weeks if you're active, every 4-6 if less active. You will lose inches a lot of the time when the scale may not move.

    During weight loss or dietary change, water retention and muscle growth can happen.

    💗 You're doing things right, just keep going. I weigh weekly because I had an obsession with 2-4x a week. Everyone is different but I find with a story like you shared, limiting weighing to every 7-10 days may help. 😊
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    Its been great with all of the feedback so another quick update today is day 166 and I have lost 47lbs! My basic routine now is 30 to 45 mins of cardio 5 to 6 times a week and eat 1500 to 1800 calories per day. I wish you all luck and feel free to add me.
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    Today is my 305th day and I have lost 75lbs now. Im really happy about it and reading my original post about struggling losing weight when i started seems like a lifetime ago!
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    Wow! Congrats!
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    Remarkable! Congratulations on losing the weight, and on your commitment to learn! Keep it up! :)