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👉The "psychological" Fat

FinishiitnowFinishiitnow Member Posts: 797 Member Member Posts: 797 Member
I am not sure how the weight became an obsession. About 3 years ago I was adult size 12 and now I fit in a kid size 12. Progress is very visible but the mirrors tell me that I am still fat.
I don't remember the last time that I enjoyed an ice cream, a chocolate or a cookie with no regrets.
The voice of my parents telling me that I was their fat baby and that is why they chose bombon (marshmallow) as a nick name.
Why am I doing this? Is this for my own decision or is it to please someone?
Does this happen to you too?
Regardless of the psychological situation I feel happy for the big accomplishment, now I just have to work on the self perception.
What is your story?
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  • nitaliebennitalieben Member, Premium Posts: 648 Member Member, Premium Posts: 648 Member
    I can really relate to this. I literally don't recognise myself in photos because it does not match the outdated image in my head.

    The good news I have is that it does get better. You eventually become more accustomed. I mean, I still have my days, but most of the time now, I'm better with it.

    And when I'm not, I kept my size 40 sweatpants that I had trouble making fit. And then I climb into it with both legs into one pant leg and stick my tongue out at myself in the mirror.
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