330lbs, new mum and I need support.


I've been on MFP before and every time failed, although last time I was on MFP I was in a toxic relationship with somebody obsessed with fitness who forced me to count calories so I used to binge eat behind his back.

I'm now in a healthier relationship, it'll be our three year anniversary in Jan and we had a baby girl June 17th this year. Before I fell pregnant I was 330lbs, during my pregnancy I had severe morning sickness and dropped down too 260lbs which I felt great about but was talked into getting the implant after I had my daughter. Between then and now (shes 19 weeks old) I've gained all the weight back, but two weeks ago got the implant removed due to the hormones causing me to constantly bleed since having my daughter and weight gain. I bought Juice Plus product's just before I had her to aid me in losing more weight (but didn't use them) so now I'm deciding to change and use what I paid for.

Now I want to lose weight more than ever, we want another baby eventually to give our baby girl a sibling. But the pregnancy I had was high risk due to my weight but also I developed severe sciatica and SPD which made me unable to move without pain towards the end and I did become wheelchair bound (while pregnant). If we were to have another baby I'd like to be healthier for mine, my daughter and possibly any more babies sake. I want to be able to play and run with them at the park and all that.

I suffer with mental illnesses too, I have borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. Many attempts to end things in the past. But now I have a life worth fighting and living for, my partner and my daughter.

I just need friends on here so we can motivate eachother.

KirasMummy <3


  • broadwey21
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    Hey you, I'm two weeks into a new attempt to get a grip on my weight I'm not too far off your starting weight, this time feels like a revelation I am super motivated to finally crack it once and for all. I had a good first week so I'm like an energiser bunny at the moment so I'm happy to be a cheerleader for you. I've decided to be accountable and honest and log everything good or bad and it seems to be working. 9lbs off in my first week WHOOP!!!

    I have a few MH issues myself and understand the challenges that brings but if you want a buddy I'm happy to be added by anyone on a similar journey to mine, I'm a mum of 2 still at home and being older than you I'm also navigating the joys of the hormone crazyness that being peri menopausal brings.... So add me in for some support
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    Hi, I have been on MFP since 2017. I never seem to be able to stick to anything! My baby is 7 now and I still havent shifted the baby weight. I am in full time work as a support worker, so makes it hard to stick to a weekly work out routine. I started off running but broke my foot putting me on the injury bench. While running I was shifting the weight but put it all back on and more with being unable to do anything.

    I am also in need of support and motivtion. I am happy for anyone to add wether it be for a chat or a challenge ")