Do like eating jars of baby food?



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    Baby food is not formulated for adults that weigh 20 x more than a baby.
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    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    Baby food is not formulated for adults that weigh 20 x more than a baby.

    well, not in the quantities of those little jars anyway.

    But if anybody wants to eat them (and there are adults who want/need to eat soft mushy food) as all or part of their diet, in appropriate portion amounts - no reason not to.

    Except, IMO , cost - much cheaper ways to get bland mushy food, if that is your thing.

    and when I think about it, I eat some bland mushy food - it just doesnt come labelled as baby food or portioned in baby size amounts- eg custard, yogurt, mashed potatoes.....

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    First soup, now baby food, what the hell is next?
    l dont know, but I believe Asians have been eating soup for centuries...which is probably why they're thin. Eating soup is not something new to them , only new to us Westerners.

    I need to know more about this "soup" food. As a Westerner, I've never heard of it before.
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    I eat my daughters Gerber Baby Mac and Cheese as a snack sometimes, its awesome. And when I want something quick I've been tempted to eat their fruit pouches (but haven't). I have used them in baking before though when I've run out of apple sauce or something.

    But no I don't think they're a good idea for a whole diet. They're actually not very well balanced even for babies. Babies are supposed to have 50% of calories from fat, and you can't do that with just the jars and pouches. And I dont think you can get everything for an adult either. They are designed for people who are also getting formula to supplement their diet, or even as the main part of their diet still (6 to 10 months old only).


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    With allllllll the delicious ways to get calories, baby food does not enter the equation.
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    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    Baby food is not formulated for adults that weigh 20 x more than a baby.

    Most baby food is one or maybe two or three whole foods pureed (and combined, if it's more than food, like peas and pears).

    It seems extremely uneconomical for an adult if one were contemplating making baby food a significant portion of your diet, and I would think a lot of adults would either be turned off by or quickly bored by eating all their food pureed (well, I guess you could add in the toddler foods that have some bits you can actually chew).

    Once in a long while I buy a baby food jar of pureed plums for bacon and shrimp appetizer that doesn't require much of the puree -- it's a lot easier than trying to find a sufficiently ripe plum and then pureeing it myself -- and not any more expensive in winter, which is seems to be the only time I ever make this particular appetizer.
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    Oh and I should add that after my first kid, I used to eat his leftover puree (homemade not jar) so it wasn't wasted. I did it for a week before deciding I'd rather waste it lol. Good for babies who need to learn new tastes... not so much for an adult who knows what good tastes like. Instead of watery vegetable mush. Surprising how much the texture of a vegetable makes it taste better!
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    I assume this isnt relevant to most of us ( including me) - but there are adults with swallowing difficulties who need to eat pureed food.

    Although jars of baby food is not an economical way to do this.

    Katies post reminds me of a really good tip re home made baby food - freeze it in ice cube trays - that way you can make a batch of, say, pureed apples, and just pop out the amount your baby will eat and avoid waste.
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    You would be better off making your own green drinks, smoothies. Its not filling to eat baby food. Body builders do stuff like that; I know because I have been in fitness, supplement and nutrition industry for many years. I did the babyfood thing, again very unfilling and unsustainable
    Every blue moon I will have a baby/ toddler squeeze pack on the go. Great for outdoor trail s/, walks instead of Gu and Energy chews.