Who is this chick???

I suppose I never gave you all my story. Being home per a COVID scare in my office, I suppose I have the time to share :)

I was always active. Chubby child, thinned out in college, stayed active with field hockey, eventually starting hitting weights (randomly and without programming or care) when I was 21.

Graduated college, started looking into real programming, doing 5x5 towards the beginning of 2018. Ate 1400 cals a day, and to this day, I have NO CLUE how I was able to function like that. I am 5'3. 128 lbs when I graduated college.

Dropped 10 lbs in the year after college, eating that way. Maintained for a good 2 years at 118ish lbs.

2019 I started programming 4x week, upper/lower for LITERALLY 2 years. I dropped another 5 lbs, craving some abs and lower body fat, but was eating more, about 1800 cals.

2020. COVID. I was NOT going to let this pandemic throw me for a health loop. I worked out at home, bodyweight and 2 adjustable dumbbells that went up to 20lb ea. I went harder. I walked outside more. Threw a mile run in here and there. I dropped 5 more pounds to 107.

Then, in my region in the US, protests started. I did not mind isolation, but the protests got me. I felt for the causes but seeing my favorite restaurants and stores torn to shreds was very saddening. I got depressed but still worked out harder than ever. I ate about 2000 cals a day. Still dropped to an unhealthy 104 lbs.

Jump to today, back to work, usually, and finding my groove. Did a 3x split over the summer and now on 4x week. BW hanging in at 108. Working on that bulk, as I want to gain muscle. I sure will miss these abs.

Base cals 2040, at least 10k steps a day, adding back any extra cals after that.

It's been a journey. I've been in the underweight-overweight categories. Have to say, I like seeing my muscles and will actively not dip below 107 lbs ever again.

What have I learned? Eat for fuel. Lift for PRs. Move for health.


  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    You've definitely come a long way, especially mentally which is awesome.

    Keep it up. Gaining is hard but you got this. :)

  • Chieflrg
    Chieflrg Posts: 9,081 Member
    Nice. Love hearing people that find a way to adhere.