Favourite fruit



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    Prunes are handy. They keep and sit out at room temperature. 5 prunes are 100 calories. We have a container of prunes on an end table in the TV room. Why not?
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    Um. Probably ambrosia or pink lady apples because they're so simple and dont damage or go bad easily. Or starfruit cuz its cute. Though it doesnt taste amazing. Taste is just good. Kiwis are yummy too.
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    But there is a starfruit on that picture!
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    For the most part, I only really eat fruits in season, which means I don't eat much during the winter. I like apples a lot, but since we've started going to local farms and "u-pick", grocery store stuff doesn't appeal to me a whole lot...typically means we're done with apples by October/November. Cherries and nectarines during the summer as well as cantaloupe and other melons in late summer/early fall. I like berries of all kinds...but again, mostly summer months. I like bananas, but can't really have more than a few slivers from a whole banana as I am allergic and my mouth starts itching like crazy and my tongue swells if I have too much.

    Another vote for seasonal produce.

    I can pick strawberries, mulberries, blueberries, and cranberries myself. (Drat, our recent frost probably spoiled the cranberries. I get a kick out of serving cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving from cranberries I picked myself.)

    I could also pick apples and peaches at a local orchard, but have to buy too much at a time so now just buy in their store. My local orchard is where I discovered Honeycrisps some years back. This year they had delicious Crimson Crisps and Braeborns too (plus tons of other varieties.)

    Eating bananas and pineapples in Costa Rica spoiled me for these from the supermarket, and being in Massachusetts I have no local options :(
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    My favorite fruit is also my favorite food -

    But, I don't think I've met a fruit that I didn't like.
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    Blood oranges
    Navel oranges
    Pink lady apples
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    1. Berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries)
    2. Peaches
    3. Oranges
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    Malibu rum.

    What? That's not a fruit?

    I pair it with orange juice. Does that work?
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    Pretty much anything except citrus. It's not that I don't like citrus fruit but it causes flares of my IC in high amounts so I have to stay away so I am not in pain. I can have small amounts like in dressings and marinades, but no eating an orange or having lemonade. Same deal with cranberries.

    My go to items (depending on season obviously):

    But again, I like pretty much everything and will eat it. I actually need to get better at eating fruit again. Lately I have just not been having enough.