Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 131



  • Mondowefte
    Mondowefte Posts: 150 Member
    F 37 158cm (5'2)

    SW 136.6kg (Jan 2020)
    CW 122.1kg
    GW (12 November) 121.0kg

    Round 123 - 129: 8.4kg loss
    Round 130: 0.2kg gain


    3/11 121.4kg
    Having a quiet day away from the family. It is nice to be able to pick what I want to eat and when. It makes it much easier for me to pick choices that work for me. Hopefully I am over the mid cycle volatility of last round.

    4/11 DNW
    Watched the US election returns, did some cross stitch and went for a walk. All up, an enjoyable day.

  • SModa61
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    29 yo female
    5’2” Small frame according to my wrist circumference
    SW 126.2 (April 14th, 2020)
    Highest lifetime weight: 138 lbs. August 2011
    Goal Weight: 110 but also happy with where I’m at right now.
    Previous rounds: 125.2 -> 122.8 -> 121.6 -> 121.2 -> 119.8-> 119.4 -> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 117.2 ->117.2->114.8 ->116.8 -> 116.4 -> 114.0 -> 115 -> 115.4 ->115 ->113 -> 113-> 113.8
    Goal weight for this round: Maintaining around 113 or dropping to 112 would be nice.
    Another goal: Embrace the scale fluctuations and not get flustered.

    Previous days

    11/03 Food was pretty on point yesterday. For dinner I made roasted veggies (golden and red beets, hakurei turnips, fennel, eggplant, and a red potato), sirloin steak, and whole wheat cous cous with scallions. I also made a garlic ginger cashew sauce to top everything with. The sauce was yummy and helped add some pizazz. The sauce had ginger, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, raw cashews, lemon juice, and olive oil. My husband was a happy camper having something new for dinner too 😊.
    For breakfast today, I’m going to make baked pumpkin oatmeal using the pumpkin puree from Sunday. I’m so looking forward to it! Then, dinner will be a veggie stir fry with brown rice and left over steak from last night.

    11/04 113 Happy with the number on the scale. Instead of a stir fry last night, I made a massive salad with bok choi, grated carrots, scallions, 8 oz of sirloin steak, and used the garlic/ginger cashew sauce as a salad dressing. The sauce was so good as a dressing and I think it’s going to be my dressing for my salad tonight with dinner. It will go perfectly on my napa cabbage salad I plan on making. I have lots of greens to use up before Friday’s CSA pick up including collards, beet greens, and swiss chard.

    Does anyone a favorite healthy recipe for those greens?

    For anyone anxious about this election, just remember to breathe and do something nice for yourself to help maintain your sanity. <3

    I would love your dressing recipe. Sounds wonderful. As for greens, I could use some recipes for them as well.