Fell of track and frustrated, HELP!

I fell off track, I was doing well and tracking consistently and started to exercise, then over a week ago I took a day off, and just ate. This turned into two days of just eating then I added on monday and now it's like it doesnt matter and I haven't gotten back on track. I tend to binge eat, and emotional eat. I do want to lose this weight and believe I can its just this set back is just frustrating
Any tips for consistency? I'm not going to give up


  • Dogmom1978
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    Well no one can make you be consistent but you. I had some bad days around Halloween with candy in the office that I should have, but did not log.

    I am back on track as of yesterday and plan to stay that way and hold myself accountable. No one can help me with that though. I have to commit to it and do it for myself and my health.
  • Chef_Barbell
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    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. Keep swimming like Dory says...
  • VeryKatie
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    You could try decreasing daily back down?
    Say you log but eat maintenance on day 1
    100 cals less the next day
    100 cals less the next day.

    And so on till you get back down to your goal? Would it feel like the adjustment isn't so hard that way?
  • bootilicious
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    It helps to stay connected with your friends on MFP. Interact with people, reply when they post on your wall. Try to stay connected and develop friendships. There are several people here who will cheer you on, but its vital to participate.
  • silverpl2525
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    I did the same thing this week due to stress and emotional eating. So, I'm telling myself that in a few days I will jump right back into my regular routine. It's ok to not be perfect with everything all the time.
  • AndreaTamira
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    Well, you know what? You are awesome for saying "I'm not going to give up"! That's exactly the attitude you need to hold on to when you make a mistake or life throws you a curve ball.

    You are asking for tips instead of logging out of the app and never opening it again. And that deserves so much credit. It really shows that you mean business.

    Now, are you generally a competitive person? If so, maybe try to beag yourself. Have a look how long you went without binging (you log daily, right?) Tell yourself "I can go longer than that." And, when you do go "Hey, I can double this streak." - If at any point you binge you lost your streak and now have to compete against the highest/longest streak you managed so far. - That sort of gamification is a general strategy that works for me.

    Does it matter what you eat when you are doing the emotional eating thing?

    If you have comfort food you fall back on to when stressed, maybe you could find lower calorie versions of the same? And/or portion control it well in advance.

    Generally, are you an all or nothing kind of person or an "a bit is what I need to stay sane" kind of person when it comes to unhealthy food? Your strategies will vary wildly based on that (not having any unhealthy foods in the house vs having chocolate in small portions planned for certain times, for example.).

  • Butterfly_Ninja3
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    It helps to know which foods seem to bring you *comfort* and just try to avoid those foods as much as possible. Some do pretty good at doing smaller portions of those comfort foods, but then there are others, like myself, that can't even have a taste of them because one taste turns into more and more. I've suggested this to someone else, but since you are an emotional eater, have you ever tried to just journal your feelings? I have a journal that I write in every time I feel like I want to *cheat*. Changing your mindset really is KEY to losing weight. The fact that you are not giving up says a lot about you and your desire to lose weight!!! So one day at a time and keep going :smiley: If you would like to add me as a friend, please feel free to! I get on daily and always respond and see what my friends are up to! Good luck girl... you totally got this!
  • elisa123gal
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    The key to reaching your goal is jumping back on your plan and keep going when you fall off. Everyone falls off plan..it is getting back on that gets you there. Don't beat yourself up. Here's a few things I do to stay on track.

    1. I try on a designated piece of clothing that I used to fit into and don't now. I try it on each day in front of the mirror.. I can see changes for the good..and also see.. it still doesn't fit. It keeps me from cheating.
    2. Come here for support and read success stories
    3. I designate a cheat meal..never a cheat day. But I don't have binging tendencies.so those folks may have the best advice for you.
  • nanastaci2020
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    Work on your definition of taking a day off? What did that mean for you, and how can you do it differently? If it was not logging and eating ANYTHING in ANY amount: then hold yourself to logging no matter what. That could help you maintain some level of control, even if your food choices & totals are not 'perfect'.
  • laura_b00
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    I try not to start again another day, I pickup where I left off. If I over ate for lunch, I pickup better eating for dinner. This way I don't eat everything from the overeating episode until I restart. You can do this, you've already had past successes.
  • MandiSaysHey
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    You don't gain (or lose) a significant amount of weight in a day. Or even a week. Every meal/snack is a choice, and one bad choice or even a handful of bad choices can't undo a hundred good choices. I am also an emotional eater and one thing that has helped me is to explore lower calorie alternatives to fav foods, weighing out exact portions with a food scale, and logging my food BEFORE I eat it.
  • Someone told me that each day offers a set of decisions, some big and some small. With eating, literally each bite is micro-decision. So if you make a few less-than-optimal decisions, your next decision point is right around the corner and on that one you can make a better choice.
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
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    Deal with the root of your emotional issues.