Orgain protein powder

Has anyone tried orgain organic plant based protein powder.... or any other type of protein powder as a meal replacement... or just for added protein? Can you share your thoughts or suggest a good one? I am also using premiere protein ready made shakes for when I am on the go.


  • Dogmom1978
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    I personally like optimum nutrition whey. Currently using their French vanilla and I add in a couple squirts of imitation vanilla. I mix it with skim milk. I also have their double chocolate.
  • psuLemon
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    My preferred protein powder is PEScience and Quest. All the plant based ones i have tried are pretty terrible. But i wouldn't be surprised if there was a good one out there that i haven't tried.
  • Diatonic12
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    I have some that I'm keeping for emergency purposes but it's not my favorite. I like Quest everything and I also enjoy the new Almased Almond Vanilla powder because I just do.
  • msapplek
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    I'm new to the protein powders, and recently finished the Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge... it didn't taste that great, unfortunately. Had a chalky texture, and was not as chocolatey to my liking. But if someone else has a recommendation for vegan protein powders, I'd love to try it.

    Not vegan, but so far the PEScience Frosted Chocolate Cupcake has tasted the best to me.
  • Bluetail6
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    There are only a couple of protein powders or pre-made drinks that I use currently:

    Iconic Protein Powder/Drink. This is from grass-fed/grass-finished cows. Really good, tasty, and easy to mix stuff. You can google it and get good info from their website.

    The other one is Livwell Plant Protein Powder. This one is a complete plant protein. Great, easy to mix.

    Both the Iconic and Livwell protein powders are low calorie. The Iconic pre-made drink in a little higher in calories.

    I'm not big on protein bars, but I do love Vital Proteins Collagen Bars. I like the Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, and the Peanut Butter Chocolate. Both bars have at least 14 grams of protein. I use their Collagen peptides.

    The only reason I don't ever drink Premier Protein is because of the added Carrageenan. It can be highly inflammatory and cancer causing. This is my personal preference/opinion only. Therefore I am not referring to a particular source as it (Carrageenan) is easily googleable. Hope this helps
  • VegjoyP
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    I LOVE Sunwarrior! The chocolate Warrior bled is a staple. I also like MRM Veggie Elite and True Athlete Plant Performance Protein (New at Vitamin Shoppe) If you are used to whey, I suggest you try the True Athlete Plant protein
  • bold_rabbit
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    I thought Orgain was okay - I used it all, but didn't buy it a second time.

    I mostly use Garden of Life plain (unflavored and unsweetened) to add to my smoothies.

    I have a couple flavored ones that I used while dieting, but I wouldn't really recommend them. I specifically was looking for lactose and stevia free because I am intolerant to both of those.
  • brimom19
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    I am about to get some garden of life... I have also heard good things about it
  • feauxfu
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    Vega was by far my favorite plant based protein powder, but it's too expensive. I like Orgain and can usually find it on sale
  • emmies_123
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    I use a couple of different protein powders, one of which is Orgain.

    Premium Protein pre-made shakes: For protein snack during workday, so I don't have to take in and clean my blender bottle.

    MusclePharm Combat Protein: For when I need a large protein spike but low macro hit. Very low on fat, fiber, calorie count. I have had Chocolate and Cookies & Cream flavors. Very creamy texture.

    Orgain Protein: Possibly my favorite these days. Slightly lower on protein compared to others (20 vs 26-30) but depending on the type you purchase it can be higher in fiber than most powders. I have tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter (4g fiber/shake) and the Chocolate Probiotic powder (6g/shake). These are slightly grittier but they taste fine to me. Experiment with the amount of water to get different textures. Maybe I have just gotten used to them. Not a super rich chocolate flavor, but is sweet enough to replace dessert snack for me.

    Ultimately your taste buds will adjust to something you routinely have. But think about how the new thing affects your nutrition goals. For me, orgain is better for me than protein bars or straight dessert.
  • HotMermaid729
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    Over the years (and I really mean a couple decades), I have tried many, many different protein powders. Orgain is probably the best I have encountered for its contents and performance.

    I won't buy any other brand!
  • dmkoenig
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    As far as plant-based powders go, I think Orgain makes the best one. I have tried Garden of Life and Vega and did not like them at all, Play-doh tasting. I think the Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge is pretty good.
  • jrichins4
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    The best protein powder I have tried is the peanut butter chocolate from Ideal lean! They have some other types that you can drink with water!
  • brimom19
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    Thanks y’all. I have tried and love chocolate peanut butter from orgain. It has really effected how I feel. I have just felt better since using it... I know it’s also in part, of course, to my eating habits changing.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    Owynn is the best plant based I've tried out of all. (vega a close second)

    The strawberry banana, dark chocolate and coffee ones are the best! If you write the company they usually send samples.
  • nooshi713
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    I like Orgain Chocolate Peanut Butter better than the regular Chocolate one. I haven’t tried Vanilla yet.
  • brimom19
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    Well, I ordered the peanut butter and the orgain superfoods in creamy chocolate today I ran of the chocolate peanut butter.... so have to go to the store to find a suitable replacement until my order comes in. I have really felt better since adding the protein powders.... have lost about 6 pounds I. Two weeks.... they really do help me stay full.
  • ZenDream
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    I've used Orgain for years. I like it.
  • pinkyflawless83
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    310 is pretty good. Honestly slimfast keto vanilla cake batter is amazing and can be mixed with say, strawberries for example to make strawberries and cream!
  • Maggiesanvicto
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    I love genuine health Fermented organic vegan proteins. I stick with the vanilla flavor. It doesn’t have that fake sugar taste and it’s gluten-free.