Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 131



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    Hey all, sorry I have been comparatively MIA and not super helpful with the 5K discussion. Weekends away, throw me off, and then mine started with that parakeet rescue that cut short my first attempt at a distance walk. Back home, and went back all the way to page 6 to get back up to date.

    First off, people who expressed interest in the 5k were these in an easy list to cut and paste if needed:
    @QuiltingJaine @CommandJarvis @SheilaBoneham @UTmom81 @Playhard2017 @MusicSax @Smoda61
    did I get everyone?

    @UTMom81 I love the logo. Here is my test of posting it:
    Nope - first try did not work. I cut and pasted it into a word doc and then tried to paste it here. How does one save it and also insert it here?

    Yes, @QuiltingJaine I also was going to tell you about the Leslie Sansone 5k. Glad that is out there as an option.

    I LOVED the idea of "Kick 2020 to the Curb" and I am going to get onto working towards my own "Turkey Trot". My question for all is which is better for the group as a whole #1 us discussing this all here or #2 making another thread of group so that all our comments/posts are not bogging down everyone else. I can see the merit in either.

    @Commandjarvis I'll be looking into the virtualrunningclub.com and flexitpink.com. I previously seen a few turkey trot options, and then there was one hosted by a Key West run during 2021 which sounded appealing. Sound bacd of me, but I think the wearability of any shirt offered may sway me one way or another on a given run. Of course, I also don't want to go broke but entering willy nilly.

    Oh, and I need to add, I'll try another run tonight after dark. For running, I like the dark because I turn flaming red and years ago a car pulled over to see if I needed help. Very nice, but embarrassing.
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    @SheilaBoneham and @UTMom81 - “Doing it at all” is my problem. It’s SOOO much easier to not get out of my chair!
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    @SheilaBoneham Nice goals for your 5k and 10k. I need to think about what mine are. And how did you post the thumbnail??? I need some tech advice on that!
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    Round 131

    Please join us! Starting on 11/03 JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS, we will begin Round 131
    Anyone can join us at anytime during the round.

    Join us! If we stay mindful we can do this, you can do this.

    Welcome back past members, welcome new members, let's keep each other accountable for another 10 days!

    Here is what you do: Post your daily weight and add little comments along the way of how your day went. Post everyday to let us know how you're doing! Copy and paste the days in your response--tell us how much you lost and other non scale victories (NSV) you'd like to share.

    FOR NEWBIES - I find it easiest to copy the dates to a document or note in my device and edit it each morning. Then copy and paste to the message board. MFP will return you to the spot on the board where you left off on your previous visit which is nice to know if you like to scan all of the posts.

    - check in at least every other day
    - Participate
    - Low carb

    SW: 167.8 (11/2)
    GW: 164

    11/03 167 ~ {Steps 8,554} ~ Yesterday started out fantastic but the night time snacks got to me unfortunately.
    11/04 168.5 ~ {Steps 13,980} ~ Today was a much better day. Tomorrow my plan is to get a pool session in.
    11/05 166.6 ~ {Steps 8,183} ~ I’m starting to thing I sabotage myself after I get down the night snacks, sugar gets me, in trouble.
    11/06 x
    11/07 x
    11/08 x
    11/09 167.4 ~ {Steps TBD} ~



    👍🏼👍🏼 This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE. 👍🏼👍🏼