Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 131



  • SModa61
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    11/10 116.0 Feeling like a real slacker because I have not made one step toward the Turkey Trot. Feeling down as we learned yesterday that older daughter (RN in a hospital) is positive for COVID. One of her coworkers came to work in spite of not feeling well and DD is #12 on her wing to have it. A young person who wants to use their leave for fun not when actually sick!

    @quiltingJaine I will be thinking of you and your daughter. Hopefully, she is one that has a quick recovery.
  • musicsax
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    @quiltingjaine - your DD is in my thoughts, hoping that her covid symptoms are mild and that she quickly recovers. I can understand that you must be very worried.
    I really can't understand the mentality of some people when they have symptoms but more especially those that work in medical surroundings - they should know better!! Senior managers should instigate disciplinary action.
  • Anabirgite
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    Height 5’ 4.5”
    Age 55

    Starting Weight: 125
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 118
    Challenge Starting Weight 125
    Challenge Goal Weight- anywhere in the 124 range

    11/09- 125.00-Finally got brave enough to step on scale- relieved damage wasn't as much as I thought. Bummed though pulled muscle in calf yesterday playing pickleball so my easy way to burn calories is off the table for the next few days. We are having a beautiful fall day do hope to go for a power walk after doing my new stretch routine.
    11/10- 124- Well took a muscle relaxer last night for my calf- Calf felt great but was loopy all day. Trying to figure out the negative calorie adjustments with my apple watch - ate the calories adjusted yesterday and was down a pound- must be water weight? Probably last awesome day of year- but 75 in November is incredible-