November Accountability - daily or weekly weigh in



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    My name is Donna and I am 60 years old. I am about 5’ 5” tall and I started my journey weighing 253 pounds. After a few years of taking care of myself during breast cancer, and quite a few years of taking Care of my husband who had cancer twice than then kidney failure requiring long distance trips every other day for dialysis for 4 years, I decided I needed to do something about my weight. My husband passed 4 ½ years ago and I have been on this journey for almost 2 years now. My diabetes had severely worsened, my thyroid stopped working, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and I was in pain all the time just from carrying the weight (knees, back, hips etc.) I have lost a lot of weight but have backslidden during last years holidays, and then corona shut-ins. I am re-committing myself as best I can during some turbulent times in my personal and professional life. So here I am to share that the struggle is real and the journey can be long. Every day is not a success but every failure is not a reason to stop either. Thanks to you all for being a huge part of my journey. The best is yet to come!!!!

    Highest Weight: 253
    MFP Starting Weight: 235
    November starting weight: 208.4 (Oct 31, 2020)
    November total weight loss:

    Week 1
    11/1…207.4 Good luck everyone! I will start by saying that I did end up eating a little too much Halloween candy yesterday that I had access to. I at a sweet potato for dinner with some cottage cheese to make up for it. It helped.
    11/2…208.6 I’ve been extra hungry this past week, not sure why. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday (and a snack) which is more than usual for me. While healthy, 3 meals add up!
    11/3…207.6 Up & Down like a bouncing ball!
    11/4…??? I actually forgot to weigh today before multiple cups of coffee so I will check in tomorrow. However, I must say, yesterday was a pretty good day!
    11/5…206.6 Thrilled!
    11/6…205.2 Freaking out really. My small changes are adding up!
    11/7…205.2 I am just happy to be the same today. I had a severe glucose drop last night. I managed to stay away from the panic and the feeding frenzy that usually accompany diabetic sugar drops, but I still stuffed things into my pie hole that I would not normally pick due to sheer need and fear. Thankfully the scale was okay today. I know what happened. I took my normal lunch and cut it in half to eat for dinner. Problem: my lunch was very very small to begin with so it was just not enough carbs or calories. I will be more careful today. Low cal volume with some reasonable carbs are on the menu!
    Week 2
    11/8…206.0 Must be sodium because my meals were okay.
    11/9…206.2 I may be confusing small quanitites with good choices. I need to watch it!
    11/10…207.0 A celebration including pizza and icecream. I really need to learn to say no.
    11/11…I think I am overfeeding to prevent the scary glucose drops like the one I had the other night. I have been spiraling in the wrong direction ever since. Knowledge is power!
    11/12…207.4 No change
    11/13…207.6 Too much food even when the choices were pretty wise.
    11/14…210.0 A friend brought me over a Chinese Dinner from out-of-town. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
    Week 3
    11/15…208.6 Working it back down. Today I will try to focus on extra water and healthy leftovers.
    11/16…207.2 Slowly but Surely……
    11/17…209.0 Bloat. Not shedding any water. Also no TMI. Dinner will be out today so the calories and carbs will not likely be good. I will try to watch it the rest of the day and focus on water.
    Week 4
    Final Week
  • MFP Starting Weight: 200 LB
    November starting weight: 152.1
    November goal weight: 146 lb
    November total weight loss:

    Week 1
    11/1- NA
    11/2- 152.1 lb
    11/3- 151.2 lb
    11/4- 151 lb
    11/5- na
    11/6- na
    11/7- 150.4 lb
    Week 2
    11/8- 150 lb
    11/9- 149.4 lb
    11/10- 150 lb, Booooooo.
    11/11-149.4 LB
    11/12- 151.2 LB- Tacos for dinner lastnight:#
    11/13- na
    11/14- 152.1. Ugh, I did pretty well yesterday.
    Week 3
    11/15- 149.2 lb, Better!! Going to try hard to keep this up!
    11/16- 149.4 lb
    11/17- 150.2 lb
    Week 4
    Final Week
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    edited November 2020
    MFP SW: 183 10/28/20
    CW: 174.4
    GOAL WEIGHT: 160 or less

    November Goal: Stay OT, Drink my water, measure everything, track everything, start walking again & lose a minimum of 2 pounds!

    Week 1
    11/1: 178#
    11/2: 177.8:)
    11/3: 178.8 🤨
    11/4: 178.4:)
    11/5: 177.6:)Decided to start walking again and I.m going to train for a Half Marathon. Shooting for sometime in February.
    11/6: 177:)Very Happy! Looking at buying an Apple Watch 6 today so this will help me be more motivated and get my behind moving.
    11/7: 177.6 😒 Guess I shouldn’t have eaten that cookie last night.
    Week 1 loss: -1.4

    Week 2
    11/8: 176.6 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻Happy happy! Down 6.4# since starting MFP, & dropped 1.4# since 11/1 WI! Today starting my walking routine. Slowly but surely!
    11/9: 175.2 HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Yesterday I did the intermittent fasting thing. I survived LOL!
    11/10: 175.6:|Walked today! Doing the intermittent fasting again today & Going to stay OT.
    11/11: 173.8 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🥰 Doing the HAPPY DANCE! I’m very please with myself for sticking with it! I’ve got a bit to go for my goal weight but I’m going in the right direction!
    11/12: 175:s, I guess it all depends on if you've had a BM or not. Oh well, will keep working to get to my goal. It is hard for me to weight every day just because of the roller coaster effect it has on my weight and mind.
    11/13: Didn’t weigh myself today, totally forgot about it. Woke up late & in a hurry to get to work. It was a true Friday the 13th for me😳.
    11/14: Not going to weight today either! I’m going to fast today, get house work, laundry, grocery shopping & a few other things done today so I can totally relax tomorrow!

    Week 2 loss: .6# Total 7# WTH!🤬. Maybe it’s the eating after 7pm. I don’t know. Will be more diligent this week & do better with my food choices. Going to meal prep for the week. It could also be the extra steps I got in yesterday, maybe I won’t walk on the day before WI. 🤨😒🤬

    Week 3
    11/15:176# 🤨 New day, fresh start. I’d like to see 170# next Sunday!
    11/16: 175.6:|Ok maybe weighing myself daily will help. Just frustrated. I hate this up & down.
    11/17: 174.4 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Very Happy with my progress today! Will keep doing what I've been doing since Sunday!
    Week 4
    Final Week


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    MFP Starting Weight: 212.4 on June 16, 2020
    November starting weight: 173.5
    November total weight loss:
    November goal: To be in the 160's, even if it's 169.9! A new decade as I call it!

    Week 1
    11/1 - 173.5 - 15,690 steps
    11/2 - 173.7 - 3,355 steps:neutral:
    11/3 - 173 - 16,892 steps
    11/4 - 172.9 - 15,665 steps, The weather is unseasonably warm for November. I've been able to get out and walk a couple of times each day. Next week is going to be an entirely differenty story!
    11/5 - 171.9 - 16,945 steps
    11/6 - 171.6 - 16,221 steps
    11/7 - 172.5 - 6,837 steps
    Week 1 Loss: 1 lb.

    Week 2
    11/8 - 173.9 - 9,018 steps:/
    11/9 - 173.6 - 13,629 steps
    11/10 - 172.7 - 8,206 steps - My steps are starting to go down. It's getting cold outside. UGH!
    11/11 - 172.4 - 10,405 steps
    11/12 - 172.2 - I'm hoping to have a big loss here soon. Would like to see some bigger movement than just .2 or .4 each day! - 14,320 steps
    11/13 - 172.2 - 11,609 steps
    11/14 - 171.6 - 4,933
    Week 2 Loss: .9 lb.
    Overall November Loss to date: 1.9 lbs

    Week 3
    11/15 - 171.9 - 6,270 steps
    11/16 - 171.5 - 9,143 steps
    11/17 - 170.7 - 15,755 steps
    11/18 - 170.6
    Week 3 Loss:
    Overall November Loss to date: