November Accountability - daily or weekly weigh in



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    Jan 2020 starting weight 404.4 BMI 61.5 (Oct 2003 - highest weight 611 BMI 92.9)
    November starting weight: 402
    November total weight loss:

    Loss this challenge: n/a

    Week 1
    11/1: 402 – yesterday not good. No workout and too much food. Today is not going to be any better. I will be back on it tomorrow and drink plenty of water today. I will try to get in a workout.
    11/2: 403 – Back on track today.
    11/3: 404.8 :( Hopefully it is just salt. I did not do a workout. Not sure I will get one in today but will try.
    11/4: 403.8 :) No workout. Food so so, not a good day but I got a lot of steps in trying to get last minute food stuffs in. Be safe!
    11/5 n/a
    11/6 400.8
    11/7 400.8 (-2.2) :)
    Week 2
    11/8 397.6
    11/9 397.6
    11/10 401.6 salty foods and too many sweets… back on it today :(
    11/11 401.4
    11/12 399.0
    11/13 399.0
    11/14 395.8 (-1.8) :)
    Week 3
    11/15 395.8
    11/16 393.0 :)
    11/17 392.0
    11/18 392.8 :(
    11/19 394.2 -- Salty foods. Hopefully tomorrow I will go back down, if not tomorrow I will soon. :) I will workout tonight for sure and I have my virtual WW meeting too.
    Week 4
    Final Week
    Loss this challenge: n/a


    My journey … "I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, but I’m Not Where I Use To Be!"
    In 2003 Weighed over 600 lbs.
    In 2005 Weighed under 400 lbs.
    In 2007 lowest weight after surgery 302lbs
    My highest weight was 611 in 2003. Weight in 2004 before weight loss surgery was 580. Lowest weight after surgery was 302 in 2007. "I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, but I’m Not Where I Use To Be!"

    I joined MFP on March 27, 2010 weighing in at 388 pounds. I was re-gaining weight and stumbled up on it while trying to get back on track. I was determined never to see 400+ on that scale again for me.

    I have been morbidly obese all my life. I have a lifetime of mental and physical scars from obesity. In October 2004 I had Gastric Bypass surgery. WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) was the best gift that I could and did give to myself.

    Between 2008 and 2010 I gradually gained back 80 of almost 300 pounds lost initially after weight loss surgery. I never reached my goal weight of 200 pounds. I still managed to keep off over 65 percent of the weight I lost which is very good and I am very proud of my accomplishments since 2004. It has literally changed my life for the better on all levels. I am here to lose re-gained weight and to reach my initial goal weight. I am in no hurry. I am taking this one day at a time and I am in it for the long haul.

    Surgery did not fix the head. It is a good tool and the best gift I have given to myself, but it was not the easy way out as many people think. Once the honeymoon period is over after the WLS it is up to the patient to keep the weight off.

    On August 29, 2011-- I was admitted to Intensive Out Patient Eating Disorder Program to learn how to manage my binge eating disorder effectively. The program is wonderful indeed and will be instrumental in me reaching all of my goals. The focus of this program was how to eat and not diet. Weight loss was not a goal of the program. I actually gained 20 pounds in program. But I had to get thru a lot of stuff and my the time I was released I had stopped gaining. I was discharged from program on December 3, 2011.

    My tool is still working for me today. My head is still the issue. SO the struggle continues. I will never beat myself up again. I fight the fine fight faithfully and positively everyday. Because that is what will get me to my goals one day. Even though it may not show up on the scale every day -- Everyday I make progress one way or another just by showing up, waking up and trying.

    Giving up is not an option for me. Perseverance, Patience, & Positive thinking will help me reach my goals…… and the same is true for you too!! :smile: We have the power within us.