Describe a vision of yourself at your goal - a scene - what does it look/feel like to make it?

I walk into work confident in my scrubs, I feel good in them even though they are unflattering, they don't bunch or pinch, I move freely and tend to my patient with energy, not constantly going back to the break room to scoff junk to make myself feel better. I already feel better, because I am gaining energy from my work and from my own confidence.

I get a new role, perhaps something with creative or managerial prospects. (Not that I want to cheat on my husband but) I get noticed by the cute doctors, just for a confidence boost. I know this sounds disgusting, but fat girls in the medical world are taken less 'seriously', I think because people think we aren't taking our own health seriously, why would they take our medical POV seriously...It shouldn't be that way but it is.

On the weekends or days off, I feel sexy and cute in my outfits, i get compliments from my husband, i feel like my 'self' again after having a baby.


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    What an original thread idea! Love it. I'll be back to chime in
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    The sun is shining on a beautiful day. It's mid summer and my tan has deepened enough to make my muscle definition pop even more. As I emerge from the lake I notice conversations stop as people try to guess my age. No one can tell I'm 48 years old.

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    You look incredible. I'd definitely stop talking, collect my things and head to the gym if I saw you on the lake.
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    Love this!