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Not new, just starting...again!

I can tell all the reasons I fell off the wagon but ultimately I know I have a problem. No cute stories to tell. I lost 62 pounds once using keto. I weighed 300 pounds. Currently 275 so I haven't totally fallen to the bottom. Keto works and is somewhat easy if you track food and carbs. I'll probably join a keto group.


  • janstewart62
    janstewart62 Posts: 88 Member
    I hear you....I lost 65 pounds using Keto...then the sugar starting creeping back in..a little sweet here and a little treat there...back up 21 pounds but I DO KNOW IT WORKS...so GOOD LUCK to us both !!!!
  • Archercc
    Archercc Posts: 37 Member
    Good Luck! I could never stick with Keto, I loved it but I just don't have the will for it.
  • brenjen17
    brenjen17 Posts: 4 Member
    Let's do this... I need to jump back too