Looking for Weight Loss Buddies!! <3

I would love support and friends! I live in a home where everyone eats like crap and it honestly sucks. My hubby has given up and my parents have too. I keep asking my hubby to join with me but he won’t. We both gained weight this year because of the pandemic but I’m ready to get back on track to my goal. I am so mad at myself from going from 169-196 like omg but..... I am choosing to turn things around. Got MFP set to 1 pound a week without exercise I feel like this is way more livable than 2 pounds per week without exercise. Anyone want to join me for support and motivation? We are always stronger together especially if you live in a home full of people who don’t care about their weight 😩.
Love and positive thoughts to everyone!!


  • I can relate - I wish my partner cared about his health, but he just doesn't. He is not interested in fitness or changing his diet. I know fully well that he won't change until he is ready, if ever, but it still gets depressing to watch him destroy his health. And he is no longer interested in doing the activities that brought us together as a couple, like hiking and camping, which also sucks.

    I also regained during lockdown and am working to get that weight back off. Feel free to add me!
  • The_Elephant_Man
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    @DanaBunny92 , I have lost 55lb so far and need to lose another 30lb by counting calories and low carbs. Make sure that you log everything you put in your mouth and stay below your calorie goal each day and you will lose weight. Never give up on yourself! You can do this!
  • DanaBunny92
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    Thanks so much guys!! Ok so I sent friend invitations I hope that’s how you add friends I’m kind of lost on exactly how to do this right lol!!
  • goatelope
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    I would be interested. I am also frustrated; I lost 10 lbs in lockdown, felt great and then got stressed and ate it all back. I’m now trying to lose 1-2 pounds per week by working out and dieting
  • bunny3269
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    Please add me! I'm looking for weight loss buddies!
  • natalie7574
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    Please add me as well! Staying consistent with weight loss is hard without much support and think this is a great idea
  • oterofam11
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    Hello! I’m new here. Would like to lose 30 pounds and would love some buddies to stay on track!
  • 7rainbow
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    Feeling the same way, also looking for buddies and support. We can do this!
  • kittykel
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    Please can I be added? I need to get on track but struggle on my own. :)