Here we go again!

I’m starting over for the zillionth time. I have severe chronic pain, along with chronic kidney stones, and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Just turned 65, and I figure if there is less of me there will be less to hurt. 😁 Looking for motivation buddies!


  • mtaratoot
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    Welcome back.

    Pain is no good. Stones aren't either. Watch the oxylates, and good luck getting to your goals.

    I put on a SCUBA weight belt a couple months ago to remember what it was like to carry that much weight. It hurt my knees. I hope you can get rid of some of the pain by getting rid of some mass.
  • IWTBF67
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    I’m 68 and starting over. I have severe spinal stenosis but love to walk. Let’s be friends!
  • cynnamingirl
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    Thanks mtaratoot! I’m determined!!!! I am also determined to get to the bottom of the chronic kidney stones! I’ve had surgery for Hypoparathyroidism, revamped my diet, nothing is working!
    IWTBF67, yes!! So many people don’t understand how hard it is to have pain every second of every day that NEVER gives us a break! I have found that walking helps, I just have to be very careful not to overdo it because the bounceback pain lands me in the ER. For some reason, yesterday wasn’t too bad, so after my treadmill walk I took my dog out for another 15 minute walk. Today, the pain isn’t too bad, so I’m going for it again! Baby steps! 😂
  • cynnamingirl
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    2020 was such a sucky year, I am determined to make 2021 my best year. I will take control of my health and stop using my pain as an excuse to do nothing. I will get to the bottom of my kidney stones and get rid of them once and for all. I will keep walking every day, and get my body back to the best condition it can be in so I can better deal with the health crap I always end up with. And God willing, NO SURGERIES THIS YEAR! 😀❤️❤️❤️