Christmas is OVER!


Now that Christmas is over can we all agree time to eat better and healthier? I know it is really sucky sometimes. You got to do what you got to do. I did not get any chocolate for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. Time to get off our lazy butts! We can do this right?

Never give up!!


  • ReenieHJ
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    For both of those reasons yes! I'm glad to see Christmas in the past. It didn't hold much fun or making of happy memories this year, so goodbye Christmas 2020.

    Junk food is gone and it feels sooo good to eat much less today. No more eating simply because it's there. I no longer feel like the stuffed pig complete with apple in the mouth, that should've been front and center on the dinner table. That feeling is slowly ebbing away and just maybe I can get back to the size jeans I was wearing in the fall.

    Side note about the jeans-I went searching in my closet for more size 10(I was in 8's :() and I found 2 pr. BUT I also found a slew of 6's, 12's, and 14's. Guess I'm ready for most everything. :/
  • MichelleMcKeeRN
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    I indulged far less this year than most years but I am ready to get back at it. I spent Christmas snowboarding so I figure that helped counter my intake. I am back in the gym today 👌
  • SnifterPug
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    Ate far too much, drank far too much, exercised as usual (phew) and looking forward to getting back to normal.
  • spiriteagle99
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    I didn't do badly foodwise at Christmas, since there are only two of us and I didn't overdo the cooking as much as I did at Thanksgiving. Exercise was normal. Yesterday I was up a pound, but I weighed this morning and my weight was the same as my low weight before the holiday.
  • yirara
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    I lost 2kg over Christmas despite eating a bit more than usual. Basically I had a massive whoosh by the look of it. At least according to my bloodpressure :D Nope, I didn't intend to lose weight.
  • trulyhealy
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    christmas is over but the gyms are closed in the uk now 😔
  • kshama2001
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    trulyhealy wrote: »
    christmas is over but the gyms are closed in the uk now 😔

    I get plenty of exercise despite not having belonged to a gym since I moved in 2016 and didn't find any I liked in my new city.

    If you'd like tips on how to stay active without a gym, consider starting a thread for this topic and let us know about your living space and what's available outdoors. For example, I have woods where I can walk and can garden.
  • AnnPT77
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    I don't really take a dramatic view of the holiday, though I do eat indulgently. From experience, a rare day or two here and there, eating freely, even 2-3x TDEE, has pretty minimal impact in the grand scheme . . . as long as I return to my normal routine.

    I'm going back to normal calorie level (as of yesterday); and am taking an intentional Winter break from my main exericse (usually do, for a few days, after the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge wraps up), but that'll be over in a few days. (After a bit, it feels bad *not* to exercise. That will kick in soon.)

    I decided to celebrate solo Christmas by cooking/eating whatever I wanted, traditional or not. Since I like veggies a a lot, the two days were veggie heavy, and I'm sure I got in my protein (though I didn't log) because ad libitum portioning will have gotten me there easily. I didn't log, for basically the reason Lemur mentioned: Tedium. I did keep a list of ingredients, in case I had leftovers I wanted to eat when I restarted logging (I need to make an MFP recipe for one thing that will be tedious). The big surprise was my holiday stout: At least 500 calories in just one pint of that stuff! Sure was tasty, though; I don't regret it one bit.

    I expect some scale gyrations ahead still, but as of this morning I was back to weighing what I did on Christmas Eve morning, after a few high days in between. I don't expect to have gained more than around a pound +/-, and I know how to lose a pound.

    Nothing worth stressing over, IMO.
  • lemurcat2
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    trulyhealy wrote: »
    christmas is over but the gyms are closed in the uk now 😔

    Gyms are open here, but I haven't felt comfortable going to one since March. I agree with kshama, tell us your situation and we might be able to help. (I do wish I had more weights, especially since dumbbells are in pretty limited availability here, and ideally I would have some heavier ones. I got an adjustable kettlebell, but most things can be done through bodyweight exercises even.)
  • gradchica27
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    Still celebrating Christmas here as well! But still trying to get mostly back to normal in the eating department, though planning some fun treats on NYE and Epiphany.

    All the indulgence has gotten to “ugh” phase when the goodies don’t taste as good, the bloating is just far too uncomfortable, and my body is pleading with me to put down the fudge and eat some dang veggies. The upside (besides the upswing on the scale) is that I’ve been very active—back to a more routine lifting schedule, longer bike rides and walks, so if I can keep that up and eat a bit below maintenance, this should take care of itself. And maybe I’ll see even see a bit of extra muscle from my accidental mini bulk 😂
  • Maxxitt
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    It's the sixth day of Christmas for me and my kin, and we continue to celebrate. I managed to give half of my holiday baking away and what remains, I'm enjoying in moderate amounts while my main meals are healthful and all in all, I am back to a modest deficit in the calorie department while still enjoying a treat here and there. My scale weight is still a couple of pounds over what it was (I hit my "low" on Christmas Eve) but I can't imagine that much of it is actual fat. For exercise, I'm mostly shoveling snow and walking in the neighborhood with the dog. I am not stressing about holiday indulgence and for January plan to continue what I was doing prior to the Christmas/New Year holiday, only with more shoveling and maybe a bit less walking depending on how slick the pavement is (I'm at the age where a tumble could really put a crimp in my independent living plans).