What were your favorite (exercise related) moments of 2020?

There's been a lot wrong with 2020. Really a lot. But we all made it. This is a time for reflection, and there's room for positivity. Tell us about things you've enjoyed this past year. Did you get a PR that meant a lot to you? Try a new sport and realized you love it? Do a hike that's been on your list forever? Share your stories!


  • goal06082021
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    Some of the exercise videos I used last year incorporated some kickboxing/shadowboxing moves and I found them really fun! I think in February I might seek out more kickboxing/shadowboxing stuff to try for cardio. I briefly flirted with the idea of joining a boxing gym in 2018, but the fees were way too expensive for the money I was making at the time. I could probably afford it now, but I'm not eager to get back into an enclosed room full of people breathing heavily anytime soon.
  • springlering62
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    I still remember @NorthCascades meadow pictures. They were gorgeous.

    @lorrpb props to you. A whole lake. Wowsa. I see that thing in the background. I can’t swim for more than a few feet without gasping for breath and wishing I were anywhere else in the world. I raced small catamarans in my early 20’s and would never acknowledge there was water underneath me. If it didn’t exist, I couldn’t fall in. Until the time I did, but that’s another story. I loath water unless it’s in a hot bathtub.
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    All of it. Highlights would be first 10k run post fractured patella (late 2019) and 140km ride. When the restrictions dropped and we could move outside 5km, then 25km radius and the infinite. Zwift is probably like 2/3 of my riding last year.


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    I completed a 780 mile ride in the upper peninsula of Michigan over the course of 4 days. 265 miles, 211 miles, 180ish, and 124. It was supported but my rides were all solo. An amazing experience. Completed over 25...100 mile rides (again mostly solo) to prepare. Ended the year with 33 outdoor centuries+ and 788 hours of riding.

    Friggen Epic man!