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  • tc1333
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    I've never had one until quarantine 🤔

    What do you like better?
    I only talk to you in 3 words. Using more is challenging! Haha

    Not really sure, I'm at a crossroads with it. Haha.
  • tc1333
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    A pre-beard pic has been requested. Posting shortly
  • tc1333 wrote: »
    I've never had one until quarantine 🤔

    And I I had to shave mine to get a seal on my mask

  • woodsman57
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    I’d go with keeping the beard cause I’m jealous as I can’t grow one. Ha
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    MelG7777 wrote: »

    Well hello there gorgeous 😍
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    Super pretty!

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    Rubba hubba 🔥
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    Rad reflection but also digging that track. Makes me miss team practices.

    I love the grind.. ❤️❤️
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    KerrieA87 wrote: »

    Survived the first day of home schooling with both by hair and my dry January promise intact. I can’t say the same for tomorrow 😀

    Nice work on both fronts ☺️
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    MelG7777 wrote: »

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    Post workout soak in the tub FTW ☺️

    Cool pic brother.