Friends needed

I'm Irish 50 going through menopause and need to loose 40/50 pounds looking for active supporting friends please


  • kellybonesteel1
    kellybonesteel1 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm from Michigan and in the same place as you. Menopause is awful!!! I would like to be your friend.
  • obrienann818
    obrienann818 Posts: 3 Member
    My username is obrienann818
  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 200 Member
    Added you and those above this comment.

    Everyone is welcome to add me.
  • Winterlover123
    Winterlover123 Posts: 352 Member
    26, wanting to lose 50lb. Feel free to add me for an active, supportive friend!
  • Whatsthemotive
    Whatsthemotive Posts: 145 Member
    I’m 62 and want to lose about 45-50 pounds. I’m done with menopause but I have a bum ankle. I want to lose weight and become more active so I’ll have less pain as I walk and stand. I also want to be able to travel and enjoy it once the pandemic is under control. I need friends to support and be supported by.
  • sheermomentum
    sheermomentum Posts: 827 Member
    55 and been there with the menopause. More to lose than you at this point. I'll add you.
  • Olgabola1
    Olgabola1 Posts: 3 Member
    45 way more to lose than you but also looking for supportive friends.. ok to add youJ?
  • TxTiffani
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    edited January 2021
    38f 5’0 with 40# to lose. Logging and exercising daily. It wouldn’t let me add you but feel free to add me if you’d like.
  • jkemme2
    jkemme2 Posts: 8 Member
    How do you add friends? And how does it work after you've added them? Do you just see their notifications? Do you then private message them? I'm looking for a small group to hang with for emotional support. I'm 54 and menopausal too. I've lost 37 and I'm wanting to lose another 38. After that I'll set a new goal.
  • 1980sadie
    1980sadie Posts: 11 Member
    Hi looking for friends please
  • thegreatcoyote
    thegreatcoyote Posts: 61 Member
    Anyone can add me!
  • Illusions20
    Illusions20 Posts: 16 Member
    Anyone can add me as well!
  • BookszLover
    BookszLover Posts: 9 Member
    Anyone can add me!
  • robinaddison
    robinaddison Posts: 230 Member
    Been around for a while; took a break and am back. Need more friends! 55, also dealing with menopause (it blows chunks); trying to get back to my pre-desk job weight again.
    BEASTFIELD314 Posts: 674 Member
    Anyone can add me at any time!
  • RunnethUpB
    RunnethUpB Posts: 18 Member
    more than welcome to add me!!
  • potato_mom
    potato_mom Posts: 5 Member
    Motivation and support always makes the journey just a little easier. 😊 Happy to add you - anyone else is free to do the same! I’ve got a solid 45lbs to lose.
  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 200 Member
    Hi! Added evetyone above this comment🙂
  • _wild_phoenix_
    _wild_phoenix_ Posts: 31 Member
    Any is welcome to add me!!
  • FunTasha
    FunTasha Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone! I’d love to join this group. I am 30 and currently 198 pounds. I just want to be a healthy weight most importantly. But I do have my wedding in July and I’d love to look my best for that and start my married life in the best place possible. I want to develop life long habits and I am tired of regaining weight.