Hilarious Gym Jerk

Okay, so, I had a funny thing happen at the gym yesterday morning.

I had just finished up my leg day and was in the stretching/ab workout area of my gym doing my routine stretches. There was a guy about 15 feet in front of me doing sit ups on the BOSU ball. He was going so hard to the point he continuously would make throwing up noises. He did a countless number of sit ups. Since he kept nearly throwing up and being over the top excessively loud about it a incredibly fit girl turns to him and says “hey man, are you okay maybe you should take a little breather.” He got up so fast and looked her dead in the eye and said “WE ARE NOT THE SAME” then he walked to the next person and said “WE ARE NOT THE SAME” then to me, and then to a few others. After that he starts to leave the gym without picking up his stuff or cleaning the mats all while chanting “WE ARE NOT THE SAME”
It was so comical lol. There was probably about 12 of us in the stretching/ab area and we all died of laughter after he walked out. I know it’s rude to laugh but I seriously could not hold it back. We were just so stunned lol.

Mind you, this guys chanting “WE ARE NOT THE SAME” was a very average looking guy. He wasn’t some alpha male fit dude. I’ve worked in the fitness setting as a trainer for roughly 5 years and have never seen something like this happen before lol.

Do you all have any funny/crazy gym stories?


  • socajam
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    If that was his angst, he surely showed it by his comment.
    Maybe this would wake him up to the fact that he was not the only one using the stretching area and in future to think of others - "WHO ARE NOT THE SAME”
  • jessienani
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    Some people have angst about stepping in through the doors of a gym. You should know better than laugh at possible future clients. Maybe he was having a bad day.

    Well, as I stated, I know it's rude to laugh but it was more of a laugh from shock. I am no longer a practicing CPT so the need for clients doesn't exist. Trust me when I say this was not angst on this guy's behalf. I've seen this guy since July of last year. Sometimes he's cool, sometimes he's in the zone. He was in the zone this time. The reason he is acting like this is because he's doing an incredible cut. I wouldn't be surprised if he's completely malnourished and that's his chant to keep pushing himself beyond the point that would break a typical person.

    The vibe he gave off when Yelling "WE ARE NOT THE SAME" was easily associated with the "I am a lion mentality" lol.
  • jessienani
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    I’ve worked in the fitness industry for many years but laughing at someone working out is not cool. Who’s the jerk.

    But they weren't laughing at his working out, they were laughing at the fact he went a bit crazy in response to being asked if he was ok? I imagine it was more of a WTF moment for most people present.

    EXACTLY! SPOT ON. Lol, thank you for putting that into words better than I can.
  • heybales
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    I’ve worked in the fitness industry for many years but laughing at someone working out is not cool. Who’s the jerk.

    Gotta reread - missed some points of the story. He had left.
  • SunnyBunBun79
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    :D I would have died trying NOT to laugh the whole time! There was one lady in my yoga class who would groan " Ohhh yeaahhh" everytime the position changed. And it was totally quiet during class so everyone heard it repeated for a whole hour! Next time I went to class, my friend and I found ourselves right behind her and it was even louder! OMG it was sooo embarrassing and hilarious at the same time!!