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    I would be embarrassed by making vomiting noises in public and would immediately run to the bathroom if I felt ill. Plus I haven't owned a gym membership in several years so this particular scenario would not happen to me. However whatever situation I may ever encounter, I would not make a scene. I can express myself verbally without making a spectacle of myself, although, I know not everyone is capable of it.

    I definitely would have expressed my thoughts to "concerned" gym member that the compassionate and respectful thing to do in her situation would have been to ever so quietly say it to the gym guy if she was genuinely concerned, and not in front of other people. The fact that she said that in front of others instead of seeking out staff also tells me that she was just as much attention seeking as he was!!! If she was genuinely concerned, she would have quietly asked "are you okay" instead of suggesting that he "take a break." Regardless, gym guy's response to her comment was ridiculous and unnecessary.

    I spent five years in college studying human behavior. I work with physically aggressive children and they're not afraid to say anything regarding what they think of you or what they'd like to do to you. Before that, I worked with people who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and many times they were very physically aggressive and I've heard it all, all the threats, all the names, all the conspiracy theories about how I'm trying to kill them or how I'm a secret agent sent in by spies and whatever else their mind concocted that day because they couldn't remember me from one day to the next.

    I could tell a child "please put your backpack up and have a seat" upon arrival to school and the next thing you know I'm being called every derogatory name in the book and dodging a chair that's being thrown across the room at me.

    I've been slapped, punched, scratched, bitten, had my hair pulled, had feces, chairs, an iPad and pencils thrown at me. I've had a chipped tooth, black eyes, a swollen face, nasty scratches all over my body, had a patch of my hair pulled out, had a girl break skin on my arm with a bite that penetrated two layers of thick clothing and it curled my toes in a way you probably could not even imagine, so bad that it almost put me down to the ground and I never even saw it coming. I've been called every derogatory name you could think of and I've heard multitudes of threats. I've had many, many people say "I couldn't do what you do..." and I know it to be true. Being sensitive doesn't work, always... To hear "we are all different" would not even phase me, not one single bit.

    I have a dear friend who works for the department of corrections and ten of his fifteen years were spent working with death row inmates. He's heard everything unimaginable and received death threats from those who've done it. He's been called every derogatory name under the sun and now works with women prisoners in a nonviolent offender unit but he said they're still often wicked and even nastier than some of the violent prisoners. He's received numerous threats and been called names thousands of times. So if someone said to him "we're all different," he'd probably say "we sure are..."

    Unphased and desensitized...

    So what makes OP different is that despite claiming to have worked five years in a gym as a CPT, he's never seen anything like this before. So most likely it's that he's having trouble processing the behavior and currently finds it laughable, which is sad, but it's probably also a coping mechanism.

    Didn't expect such intensity from what I thought was going to be a fun gym thread. Are you ok?

    I was at the gym and using the stationary bike. The young man on the bike next to me has Down Syndrome, he is a regular at the gym and was there with his carer.

    Young man looks across at me, checks out my speed and resistance gauges and says in a very loud voice "You need to work a lot harder if you are going to lose that fat"

    Gym went kind of quiet. He wasn't wrong, I was coasting.

    I promised him I would try harder next time.

    He looked at me huffed and said "Yeah right" and rolled his eyes.

    He knew a slacker when he saw one.
    You are so sweet to ask first of all and you are super sweet to be extra kind to the young man. And yes, I'm fine and I appreciate what you are saying so much... I have a humongous soft spot for special needs children. I think you are the one and only person here who picked up on what I'm saying. I work with the lowest functioning, nonverbal Autistic children and they may look perfectly "normal" on the outside but inside, they're different. And yes, I'm very very protective of my kids that I'm privileged to work with. So yes, I guess this is why I am a little protective of a person I do not even know. In all seriousness to scream what he did suggests to me that it's so much more than what was evaluated by others and it disgusts me. So from the bottom of my heart I say thank you, thank you, thank you for being so sweet to the young man and for checking on me. You are so sweet and I love your heart...
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