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I have been here too many times!

cvdub16cvdub16 Member Posts: 61 Member Member Posts: 61 Member
I feel I have been here 100 times. Constantly starting and doing well for a tiny bit then falling back off and feeling sorry for myself and hating how I look and feel. I got lucky almost 2yrs ago now and lost about 30lbs during and after my pregnancy, then like always put most of it back on. Then recently back in July when 3 of my 5 kids were visiting their Nana in Mexico for almost 2 months my husband and I started walking about 2miles every day after work and I loved it lost about 12lbs combined with eating better. Once the kids got back and the chaos started again and the weather getting colder and it getting darker earlier I stopped walking. I have now put back on about 5lbs and now just focus on work and coming home and cleaning up the house after the kids have been home all day for distance learning and the hubby working from home and making sure dinner gets done and then getting all the kids in bed I have no time for myself. At this point I am sure I just need to get off my butt and do my workouts at home so I can get some cardio in but I find it so hard to find time with everything going on. I constantly am putting myself last and just focusing on making sure everything gets done with the house and the kids. I know I have posted something similar to this before but I just can’t seem to get out of this rut no matter what I do.


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    Corona virus and family life pose a challenge for many of us!

    Sounds like it might be time for a family meeting and to bring up your concerns. Family life can be hectic, but your wellbeing is just as important as everyone elses. You may need to re-evaluate household duties with your husband so you can work in a little self care and workout time. Depending on your kids ages you may be able to get them helping out around the house more too. And, its always helpful to find ways the whole family can exercise together. It can be a great time to bond, help your kids develop good habits, and learn together.

    ~best wishes to you and your family!
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