Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • stacerracer
    stacerracer Posts: 77 Member
    Add me πŸ’š
  • kekeangel
    kekeangel Posts: 2 Member
    Feel free to add me, I'm looking for motivational and supporting mfp buddys
  • Dch102801
    Dch102801 Posts: 74 Member
    Add me im looking for friends
  • MinTheKitCat
    MinTheKitCat Posts: 171 Member
    What a great idea for a thread! :smile: Happy to support and cheer for other folks, and always appreciate positivity! :smile: I lost 45 lbs last year and am planning to do the same this year *fingers crossed* B)
  • kerryanngreigg
    kerryanngreigg Posts: 7 Member
    The more the merrier πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
  • wonderish
    wonderish Posts: 89 Member
    Looking for new friends!!
  • jofveil
    jofveil Posts: 5 Member
    Hello. I guess...I wouldn't mind some friends.
  • Aross83
    Aross83 Posts: 936 Member
    Always up for some new Friends!
  • Jamie2663
    Jamie2663 Posts: 779 Member
    I enjoy meeting new people!
  • LunaAmour
    LunaAmour Posts: 35 Member
    Hi, I truly need some new friends! I’ve been up and down the same 60lbs a couple times over a decade and ready to do it for good for now! I’m in my 30’s 5’8” and 209 with a goal of 150. Accepting all kinds of friends! Let’s do this.
  • JJoyystick79
    JJoyystick79 Posts: 27 Member
    Looking for friends to chat with and get me through the day. I can be somewhat humorous and wildly inappropriate.
  • ImAJH
    ImAJH Posts: 391 Member
    Add me! I'm not that annoying... I think
  • SweatsOnSunday
    SweatsOnSunday Posts: 514 Member
    I like to see posts, look at food pics, hear what's working for you, and share the frustration when the day just goes bad and you open the wine at 4pm. Friend me if you do, too!
  • 93Diana
    93Diana Posts: 3 Member
    Feel free to add me too πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. After this quarantine weight gain, I decided to take action before I keep breaking records in my weight and not in a good way πŸ”βš–οΈ 😟 but nonetheless I’m exited to get back to kicking butt and would like some friends on here to keep pushing forward!
  • gdonlon5496
    gdonlon5496 Posts: 3 Member
    41 year old beardy man from Ireland here!

    I'm down about 7lbs since January 1st and looking to lose another 25/30 and always looking for more inspiration from you guys! πŸ˜ƒ
  • NormaMaree13
    NormaMaree13 Posts: 21 Member
    I'm trying to lose weight while dealing with a brain tumor that causes weight gain and difficulty losing weight. I'm 25 pounds down since November 2020 with 30 more pounds to go! Join me on my journey and let's inspire one another :)

    25 year old female, from Houston, TX USA.
  • BiggyFuzz
    BiggyFuzz Posts: 511 Member
    Hiii!! Hit me up?
  • petethegaymer1
    petethegaymer1 Posts: 5 Member
    Rebooted my account for 2021. Public diary, insta page, team gay, uk based and accepting friends. Just add away :-)
  • judystarnesjm
    judystarnesjm Posts: 3 Member
    Umm... me please 😬 needing some freaking help lol

    I think we may be able to help each other
  • judystarnesjm
    judystarnesjm Posts: 3 Member
    I think we will be able to help each other