New to this app, and eager to learn an program on my weight an bulking up supplements.


  • jessienani
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    If bulking is your goal there are a lot of ways to go about it but some things to remember are:

    1. Essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are key to muscle growth. Your body doesn't naturally produce these so they must come from food or supplements you take.

    2. Caloric surplus: Make sure you are hitting a caloric surplus each day compared to your normal pre-bulk diet. I always added just about 100-250 calories per day.

    3. Protein: Increase the amount of times you eat/drink protein in your day. Don't eat it all at dinner! Try to get around 30grams of protein max per meal. My doctor currently has me doing .5 grams of protein per pound I weigh.

    4. Hit the weights: Find a plan and stick to it! Don't just change your plan every time you go to the gym and don't go not having a plan in place. Go to T-Nation or bodybuilding website and find a 4-8 week plan and DO IT.

    Hope this helps! I was a collegiate powerlifter for 3 years and currently hold a CPT and specialize in powerlifting.