I'm back!

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(See my other post...)
I am starting my (hopefully last) weight loss journey. I started on the 4th of January, and have made some quick progress (15% of my goal) since then, I know this rate won't be constant, but I like the looks of it. I expect to be down to only losing 1% of my weight per week before too long.


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    Welcome back!

    How wise to set a reasonable goal of no more than 1% of your mass per week. So many people make unsustainable goals that set them up for failure. Since this ain't your first rodeo, you know that it takes a continued change to have continued success.

    What are you doing differently this time to set yourself up for success? What does success look like, and when you get there, what then? Your journey won't end, it will just change.
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    More accountability pretty much. More reasonable goals.
    Intermediate goals on the horizon.
    Knowing that there is no end to it. I cannot just get to a weight and stop. I must continue to monitor it and take action when it changes.
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    You have got this it's about changing your lifestyle and adapting.