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What’s your favorite way to prepare/cook chicken?

TheresaM787TheresaM787 Member Posts: 249 Member Member Posts: 249 Member
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Help! Getting bored of grilled chicken. What’s your favorite low calorie way to prepare/cook chicken?


  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Member, Premium Posts: 5,132 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5,132 Member
    Whole chicken: wet brined, spatchcocked then roasted
    Pieces, w/ skin: breaded
    Pieces, w/o skin: stir-fried
  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 813 Member Member Posts: 813 Member
    I just made chicken paprikash for dinner tonight. The following recipe makes 4 servings, around 600 cal each, closer to 450 if you skip the dumplings.

    750g boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut into ~1" cubes
    350g sweet onions, sliced thinly
    24g minced garlic (about 4 cloves)
    40g butter or cooking oil of your choice (but really, use butter, life is short)
    5g smoked paprika
    2g cayenne
    15g all-purpose flour
    240ml chicken broth
    85g plain Greek yogurt or sour cream (I use full-fat, I find fat-free tends not to work as well in sauces like this - you can also definitely use less than this)
    260g all-purpose flour
    5g salt
    12g baking powder
    220ml milk or water (using water saves you about 130 calories)

    Melt the butter in a big pan over medium heat. When it's foamy, drop in the onions and sauté until soft and translucent, about 6-7 minutes. Add garlic and stir until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes. Add chicken and sauté until the chicken is all white and just starting to get some color. Lower the heat, add paprika and cayenne and stir to evenly coat the chicken and onions. Add flour and mix for a couple of minutes until all the flour is saturated and it starts to smell toasty. Very slowly, a bit at a time, pour in the chicken broth and mix around, scraping up all the browned bits off the bottom of the pan. You're developing a sauce. Once all the broth is mixed in, cover and let simmer over low heat for a couple of minutes to finish cooking the chicken. Check the biggest chicken piece you can find with a meat thermometer (should read 165F/73C) or cut it in half and take a look inside to make sure it's cooked through. Remove from heat, stir in the yogurt or sour cream, and serve. This goes well with egg noodles, rice, or simple boiled dumplings.

    If you're serving this over dumplings, mix the ingredients in a bowl to make a very sticky, shaggy dough. Get some heavily salted water up to a rolling boil, then drop in spoonfuls of dough and allow to cook for 3-5 minutes, depending on how big they are. You'll need to work in batches; don't put in too many at once. Dumplings will eventually float as they cook, scoop them out and drain on a plate. These quantities make about 700g of dumplings, divided 4 ways is about 250 cal per portion, roughly the same as 3oz of cooked egg noodles, which also make a nice substrate for chicken paprikash.
  • Gisel2015Gisel2015 Member Posts: 3,769 Member Member Posts: 3,769 Member
    Season the chicken (breasts or thighs all skinless), with a little bit of salt, lemon-pepper seasoning and paprika. Marinate it in the fridge for few hours, if possible. Saute in a frying pan coated with hot melted butter. Add some cooking wine or BBQ sauce, if needed. Eat and enjoy!

  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,810 Member Member Posts: 5,810 Member
    I agree with @MaltedTea. But to be more specific.

    Whole chicken: I like to caramelize spatchcocked chicken with a coating of half honey half mustard brushed on for the last 10-15 minutes of cooking.
    Pieces with skin: I like breading with the Chicago Tribune copycat KFC mix and then air frying 20-25 minutes at 200C. An oven will do the same thing.
    Pieces without skin: I like to thinly slice against the grain and dredge in cornstarch and a pinch of salt. This keeps even chicken breasts tender but you do need to use a good non stick pan as otherwise you end up scraping off a lot of baked on cornstarch from the pan.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,014 Member Member Posts: 39,014 Member
    Mostly grilled...but I use a bunch of different marinades or rubs depending. Also stir fry, in all kinds of different stews and casserole dishes...occasionally baked. I do like roasting a whole chicken once in awhile as well.
  • mpat81mpat81 Member Posts: 333 Member Member Posts: 333 Member
    boneless skinless chicken thighs cooked in the Instant Pot with a bit of broth, onions and mexican seasonings, then shred and serve in tortillas or with rice, beans and veggies in a burrito bowl.
  • Skyler103Skyler103 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Boneless skinless breasts seasoned with fiesta seasonings jalapeno salt. Brown them in a skillet with a little spray oil, then transfer them to a covered baking dish. Pour a can of green enchilada sauce over them and cover. Bake on 325 for 1.5 hours. Not only will they be so tender they'll fall apart, you end up with a great sauce to pour over veggies!
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  • NannMCNannMC Member, Premium Posts: 19 Member Member, Premium Posts: 19 Member
    I like this Mexican shredded chicken recipe a lot. You can do so many things with it. I like it in a burrito bowl with rice, beans, cheddar cheese and whatever veggies are around.

    If regular pre-cooked chicken is needed for quick meals during a busy week, I'll put a few breasts in a saucepan with bouillon and enough water to cover the breasts. Bring the water and bouillon to a boil, drop in the breasts, put the lid on, and reduce the temperature to a nice bubbling simmer. Check tenderness and water level every 20 minutes. When the tenderness is perfect, shred it and use it for Asian, Mexican, salad, sandwich, etc. My secret is I do not drain the remaining water from the pan. Somehow, as long as there is a reasonable amount of water in the pan, the chicken takes it back in and remains juicy.
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Member Posts: 5,063 Member Member Posts: 5,063 Member
    Chicken and dumplings with lots of veggies for a one pot meal. Freezes well, too.
    Roasted drumsticks or thighs.
    In soups, sometimes served over rice.
    Rice and beans with shredded chicken on top
    Chicken and rice casserole— lots of veggies.
  • Ronin8033Ronin8033 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
    I have 2 ways:
    1. Season a boneless skinless breast with poultry seasoning and toss it on the BBQ.
    2. Chicken, broccoli, and mushroom casserole (cream of mushroom soup with fresh chopped mushroom added) over steamed white rice. If you really want to indulge, cover the top of the casserole with extra sharp cheddar cheese before baking. Cook the casserole separate from the rice. Will need a cup or 2 of water in the casserole as well.
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