Looking for positive freinds on here 😊



  • gwweber3
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    Feel free to add me, too. I was a runner, xfitter, Mtn biker, challenge racer, and backpacker a five years ago. Had a lingering foot injury that stopped everything for a couple years. Since then I got into really bad eating habits and no exercise. For almost a year now I've been working from home. Some days would end with less than 2k steps. I went from my best shape (204lbs) to 235lbs now. I've been rusting and got to a point that even walking was making my knees ache. Wtf?! I'm only 41, and this is the wrong way to go...

    I'm two weeks in to using MFP daily, controlling my intake, and starting to focus on at least getting steps in every day. Would love some motivation and community on the journey!
  • Vetleanni
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    Hey! Just a thought, and an idea stolen from another post some time back. What about making a small group to connect and help each other out? Or eaven maybe do like a weekly meet up call, to hold each other accountable, motivate and celebrate when goals are met? :)
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    well, you can add me, but if I'm running its best everyone start running cause something bad is coming LOL

    tried running once. best way to describe it was I was like a turtle trying to march through a sludgy swamp LOL
  • Vetleanni
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    Got positive feedback from @karl05_ for making an accountability group :smile: Posting a small outline, and hope some more of you might find it interesting :smile:
    So, Id like to make an active group of awsome people working together on reaching goals. With its own forum or thread, and have a weekly check in, maybe eaven through a live video call :smile:
    Share long term goals and set weekly goals to work on from week to week, motivate and hold eachother accountable.
    Share knowledge and own experiences, discuss what we are good at, or what our biggest struggles are, and problem solve.
    Celebrate every goal met, small or big! :smile:
    And maybe most of all meet other likeminded amazing people, spread positivity and joy, and have fun! :smile:

    shout out, or send me a message if you are interested :smile: