My first day of my diet diary

Hi, i'm fifi. today is my first day of my diet diary. Why i start to diet? Because when i input my data in www. my body fat category is obese. Before today i said that my body is okay just average, not to fat,not to thin. But when i input my data. It was shocked me. I'm obese. So this is the time to change!!! Change my mindset and start to hardwork with my body and reach a body goal 43 kg from 57,8 kg. How? By control my calory intake everyday and trying to dicipline with workout 3x a week. By the way i love food very much. Expecially snacks. I hope i can reach my body goal in 8 months. Yippie yay i decided to start my adventure of my diet diary today 23 january 2021.
Please support me 😁.


  • PremGandhi
    PremGandhi Posts: 115 Member
    Very nice. Accepting the situation is the first step in changing it. Keep at it, motivate yourself and persevere daily until you get where you want to. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than at the end of the day you are satisfied with yourself and you know that when you will wake up tomorrow you will be a better version of yourself than you were today. Good luck!
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 4,245 Member
    Out of curiosity, how tall are you? You are very short if 57.8kg is obese for you, I'm guessing 🙂