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Okay I am going to lose this weight I am so sick of this and now if effects my life with my health.I know is time to change things in my life and this is we’re I am starting any advice would be great


  • L1zardQueen
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    Baby steps, don’t try change everything at once.

    The first week, track everything you eat. The following week, go over your diary and see if can make any small changes. You want this to be as painless as possible.

    Read the stickies at the top forums. Loads of really good stuff up there.

  • ecjim
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    Start with small changes - eat more veggies - have some protein at breakfast and each meal, have an apple for a snack, other good snacks might be a piece of fruit , a few almonds , hard boiled egg. Drink more water instead of soda or fruit juice. You can get a food scale and weighing your portion sizes. -- Go for a walk-- Get some exercise --
  • Lynatea
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    I second the advice to just start logging everything you eat. No matter what you eat then evaluate where you can start making changes. Get a food scale next and start weighing everything. It truly is baby steps that will make the necessary changes over time to be successful long term.

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