Looking for weight loss pals

Hi, just started today, trying to lose 1 stone 9 lb, after having a problem with alcohol most of my life, haven’t had a drink for 3 weeks.
Nice to hear from others on there journeys,

Stay safe Mark x


  • Escapetoparadise
    Escapetoparadise Posts: 35 Member
    Wish you best mate. You cab add me as a friend if you like
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,859 Member
    Well done Mark.

    How's the weather in Basildon today?
    (Just to conform to the stereotype that Brits always talk about the weather!) :wink:
  • AstraL12
    AstraL12 Posts: 47 Member
    Hi I just rejoined MFP last week.. I also have a problem with alcohol, have done for the past 11 years.. And I think that alcohol contributes massively to weight gain and bad eating habits.. Big struggle, but I am finding that this app and the people on here do really help !!