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Describe a vision of yourself at your goal - a scene - what does it look/feel like to make it?



  • GigiDeborahGigiDeborah Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    Because I finally feel like I can trust myself to actually maintain this weight (and because I landed a good job and can afford some splurging) I have gotten myself an all new set of clothes. Not second hand clothes, but truly new. Simple, high quality, not too many pieces, but easy to mix and match. And, as everything fits me perfectly, and I have a "good enough" body, at least clothed, I always look good now with very little effort. - Which is important, because I still am the same person who just cannot put lots of effort into appearance, but I also LIKE looking good. So, best of both worlds.

    I want to look good and be lazy about it. (Exercise is different than making "what to wear" choices. I actually LIKE exercise.)

    You were so smart! That's a capsule wardrobe! :)
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