First Marathon scheduled for October 2020



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    Finished the 175 miles (Saturday 12/12) two weeks early. yay me. Now to find something else to keep me on the road thought he winter.

    May require different shoes which could be interesting now getting fit for - but trail running!
    Actually, I've found shoes required for sidewalk & roads need to be better fit than for trails, because trails means you have constant differences in landing/takeoff with almost every step anyway besides less pounding. Being able to properly fit in the socks desired for cold and not be too tight, but not be too lose for movement either - is main concern.

    You'll be slower likely, especially when snow, and you'll want spare shoes/socks in car if driving to/from trail in case they get really wet - but it can be a blast, strengthen those ankles, great balance improvement, great skills on timing foot landing/takeoff depending on rocks/roots on trail.
    But easy to maintain fitness through winter.
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    Seems my marathon does not want to happen. Covid postpones the original October 2020 date and a cancer diagnosis throws a wrench into training and plans for the restart in October 2021. The good news, it's probably curable, the bad news it may require a colostomy, and the radiation and chemo therapy are going to make training difficult. I'll be lurking. Be well all.
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    So sorry to hear about the seriousness of the issue.

    Depending on how your body reacts, not just to treatment, but the ability to eat to allow body to recover - I've seen ones keep active at some level just to keep things moving.
    Walking, easy resistance few times weekly, ect.
    If eating is an issue obviously don't want to burn too much daily.

    Obviously a diet during those times is terrible idea, even though eating at maintenance may not be possible.
    But at least maintenance means the body isn't going to feel the need to NOT rebuild normal muscle teardown.

    Muscle lightly used and not in a diet can last a surprising amount of time. It's aerobic capacity not so much - but at least it's there.
    Cardio system can be shot pretty quick, but usually that can build up much faster if muscle is there.

    Here's hoping you can beat Dr timelines and expectations!
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    I'm really sorry to hear that you're facing this now. Cancer sucks. Good luck with the surgery and chemo.
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    Hugs to you... We're behind you and will support you throughout this journey. Sending you positive vibes and love...